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  1. Lincoln MKT future

    Lincoln Discussion
    Any news about the future of Lincoln MKT ? Am thinking of buying one in the UAE. Latest news on its future will help my decision. Heard rumors that, Lincoln/Ford might phase out MKT and stop production of the car. Any truth in this please ?
  2. Ford Flex/Lincoln MKT: What's Next?

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Ford Flex/Lincoln MKT: What's Next? The Ford Flex has been around a while. With 2008 US/CA sales at 16,600, climbing to 44k sales in 2009, to 28k sales for 2013. With January 2014 sales(1,650) the highest since 2011(2,003). It is the un-minivan, the's just a mean wagon. The...
  3. Lincoln MKT Sedan Limo?

    Lincoln Discussion
    Anyone ever see this before? I found it when searching for images on google totally by accident!
  4. 2013 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost Review

    FIN Headline News
    Lincoln's definition of luxury is very broad in the revised MKT. December 11, 2012 By: Nick Saporito Luxury wears a dynamic definition. Every individual and marque has a different meaning for the word and attempts to apply it to their brand in an novel way. Lately...
  5. Picked up a 2013 MKT

    Lincoln Discussion
    After being on order for 11 weeks, today I went with my grandparents to pick up their 2013 MKT Ecoboost. It's mostly loaded with everything and has the brownstone interior (looks great). They traded in their 2010 MKT Ecoboost for this one. I've only driven it about 30 miles so far, but my...
  6. Lincoln MKT Town Car to get 2.0-liter EcoBoost

    Lincoln Discussion
    By Jeff Sabatini Posted Aug 1st 2012 4:01PM Livery operators can thank Ford for shaving a few extra bucks from their fuel budgets, courtesy of a new four-cylinder engine option for the Lincoln MKT Town Car. Lincoln is offering its professional version of the MKT, the replacement for the...
  7. Build your 2013 Taurus, Flex, MkS, and MkT

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Taurus Flex MkS MkT
  8. Lincoln's Town Car is reborn in big MKT crossover

    Lincoln Brand News
    A familiar name is getting a dramatic new look: The now-deceased Lincoln Town Car is coming back to life as a hulking crossover SUV. Ford's luxury brand plans to retag its MKT as a Town Car when it sold to limousine operators. It is making a special version of the big crossover just for them as...
  9. Photo Gallery: 2013 Lincoln MKT

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Photo Gallery: 2013 Lincoln MKT All the MKT photos in one spot. November 19, 2011
  10. LAIAS Live 2011: Updated Lincoln MKS, MKT

    FIN Headline News
    LAIAS 2011 Live: Updated Lincoln MKS and MKT Lincoln's "first steps" have us longing for more by: Tony Pimpo November 18th, 2011 Save for the MKT, which I've long thought is an impressive product, there really isn't anything in the Lincoln brand stable that appeals to me...
  11. Lincoln at LAIAS: 2013 MkS and MkT

    FIN Headline News
    Lincoln at LAIAS: 2013 MkS and MkT The new Lincolns start to arrive November 17, 2011 We knew they were coming and the wait is over. The 2013 Lincoln MkS and MkT are the first new vehicles under their restructuring. Though they do not show the direct new design path of...
  12. Spy Photos: 2013 Lincoln MKT Drops the Waterfall Grille

    Lincoln Brand News
    Spy Photos: 2013 Lincoln MKT Drops the Waterfall Grille By Mike Magrath October 17, 2011 Edmunds IL Lincoln is, finally, moving away from the fat vertical slats that has dominated its "waterfall grille" for the past few years. The waterfall grille certainly has a place in Lincoln history, but...
  13. Lincoln MKT Beats Man at Parallel Parking [Video]

    Lincoln Brand News 7th of October 2011, 21:14 UTC · Mihnea Radu There are people who are good at parking, and there are those who will ruin your day by trying to park in a space which is obviously not big enough for the...
  14. Spied: 2013 Lincoln MKT Gets Refined Version of Waterfall Grille

    Lincoln Brand News
    Spied: 2013 Lincoln MKT Gets Refined Version of Waterfall Grille by Alexander Stoklosa September 30, 2011 Car and Driver We caught a glimpse of the refreshed 2013 Lincoln MKS yesterday, and running in the pack with it our spy photographers spotted the 2013 MKT crossover. As you can see in these...
  15. 2012 MkT Ecoboost priced the same as the 2011 non-EB

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln MKT Three-Row Premium Utility Offers Effortless and Efficient Power, Craftsmanship and Exceptional Value Lincoln Media Effortless and efficient EcoBoost™ power is more alluring than ever for the Lincoln MKT three-row premium utility. For the 2012 model year, the 355-horsepower...
  16. 2012 MKT Navigation

    Lincoln Discussion
    The Build and Price guide does not call out Navigation as part of the 8" screen. It has rear camera, climate and audio screen controls, but no mention of Nav! Is it there? Or, is it on hold? I hear that Nav in several vehicle lines is delayed until 11/1/11. I don't trust a salesperson to...
  17. Spied: Lincoln MKT EcoBoost stretch limo

    Lincoln Brand News
    Spied: Lincoln MKT EcoBoost stretch limo By Mark Kleis Mar 10th, 2011 LLN Ford recently announced that Lincoln has finally found a replacement for the Town Car when Ford’s luxury brand unveiled the Town Car Livery and Limousine variants at the International LCT (Limousine, Charter and Tour)...
  18. International LCT 2011: Lincoln MkT Town Car Livery and Limousine

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Lincoln Debuts MKT Town Car Livery and Limousine Models at International LCT Show Lincoln Media •New chauffeur-dedicated Lincoln MKT Town Car Livery and Limousine versions announced to fleet customers at the International LCT show in Las Vegas •New Lincoln MKT Town Car offers a higher roofline...
  19. Two Of A Kind: MKX, MKT Pose Together

    Lincoln Brand News
    Two Of A Kind: MKX, MKT Pose Together Lincoln's family resemblance is quiet obvious. October 24, 2010 By: Nick Saporito As mentioned, this week we have a 2011 MKX AWD in the FIN Garage for review. Dressed in Ingot Silver Metallic paint, it just so happens we have...
  20. New Livery Solutions Based on Lincoln MKT

    Lincoln Brand News
    New Livery Solutions Based on Lincoln MKT to Offer All-Wheel Drive, Standard Wi-Fi, Comfort CHICAGO -- Working from a proven platform that offers limousine and livery owners – and their customers – premium comfort and high-tech features in a modern, distinctive design, Lincoln...