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  1. My New 2016 MKX

    Lincoln Discussion
    I'm picking up 2016 Lincoln MKX order on Monday and got to take a look at it on the lot today (Sunday). Didn't have a chance to get out there last week when it showed up so it's just some exterior photos while the dealership was closed. I just wanted to make sure it was all there, and it was...
  2. Tested: 2016 Lincoln MKX

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    Honestly Able: Its prestige may not yet be presidential, but its performance is close. MotorTrend September 23, 2015 By: Frank Markus Lincoln's second bid at a Lexus RX fighter significantly ups the ante in both style and substance. Its curvy sheetmetal no longer resembles the Ford Edge that...
  3. 2016 Lincoln MKX arrives in China, by the Boatload

    Lincoln Brand News
    2016 Lincoln MKX arrives in China, by the Boatload The Lincoln MKX will be priced from 450.000 yuan to 700.000 yuan ($70.000 – 109.000). Local production would slash prices by about 25% but Ford has decided against production in China for now...
  4. Lincoln's new ads spotlight MKX as McConaughey goes silent

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln's new ads spotlight MKX as McConaughey goes silent Matthew McConaughey is back in another round of commercials for Lincoln, but this time, he lets the product do all the talking. McConaughey, the actor whose rambling soliloquies in last year’s Lincoln ads were parodied endlessly...
  5. Lincoln MKX First Drive

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    Autoblog just posted this and there are some beautiful shots to go with it. Very positive review!
  6. New 2016 Lincoln MKX ad | Welcome

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  7. Design Elevates 2016 Lincoln MKX 2.7L AWD

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    Design Elevates 2016 Lincoln MKX 2.7L AWD Detroit Free Press | Aug 27, 2015 A stunning interior elevates the ★★★ 2016 Lincoln MKX Black Label SUV, the latest step in Lincoln's long march back toward relevance in the luxury-car market. The new MKX has a roomy and luxurious interior, especially...
  8. 2016 Lincoln MKX EcoBoost Review - CNET

    Lincoln Brand News
    2016 Lincoln MKX EcoBoost Review - CNET CNET | Aug 19, 2015 CNET Editors' Rating - The Good The 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine delivers a blend of power and efficiency. Lincoln's new Revel Ultima premium audio system boasts great sound quality and staging. A solid offering of driver aid functions...
  9. MKX spotted (Austin, TX)

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    That is all.
  10. Matthew McConaughey to appear in new Lincoln MKX ads

    Lincoln Brand News
    Matthew McConaughey to appear in new Lincoln MKX ads Detroit Free Press | August 18, 2015 U.S. dealers should have full inventory by September and a shipment of 250 Lincoln MKXs is on a boat to China Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey will be featured in a new ad campaign for the 2016...
  11. TrimLevels: mkX for eXample, a POLL

    Lincoln Discussion
    PICK TWO (2) !! What should be the MKX's LOWest TrimLevel (price & features) What should be the MKX's HIGHest TrimLevel (price & features) [x] $38,100 Premiere Front-wheel Drive (vinyl) [x] $40,595 Premiere All-wheel Drive (vinyl) [x] $41,390 Select Front-wheel Drive [x] $43,885 Select...
  12. Automobile: 2016 Lincoln MKX Review

    Lincoln Discussion The 2016 Lincoln MKX checks all the mid-size, two-row luxury crossover boxes and is better than the standard-bearer that launched this segment, the Lexus RX... Base price of the Reserve model is $48,545... The new...
  13. 2016 Lincoln MKX aims for the big luxury SUV players at Lexus and Acura

    Lincoln Discussion Lincoln is building on its momentum with a replacement for the midsize MKX sport-utility vehicle, with the hope of imbuing its newly redefined sense of self into a nameplate that has a...
  14. Autoweek: 2016 Lincoln MKX first drive: Lower, wider, smoother

    Lincoln Discussion Take THAT Car & Driver!
  15. 2016 MKX misses the mark for Car & Driver

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    Car & Driver is pretty harsh on the new MKX, calling the MKX interior a little tight and lacking luxury car materials or refinement expected in a car at $60K. They also complained that Revel Ultima sound system distorts audio and rattles the doors. And of course, MyLincoln Touch is still...
  16. First Drive: 2016 Lincoln MKX

    Lincoln Discussion
    Edging further from the Ford underneath. Car & Driver August 2015 By: Jeff Sabatini Yes, lurking beneath the elegant surfaces of the redesigned 2016 Lincoln MKX there’s still a Ford Edge, the mention of which causes Lincoln emissaries to grit their teeth, smile effusively, and counter with...
  17. Lincoln MKX Espresso Kit

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    I received an Espresso Kit in the mail today for ordering/buying the new 2016 MKX. I thought you guys might like to see it.
  18. 2016 Lincoln MKX Quick Drive - Consumer Reports

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  19. MKX A/C Seats

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    I test drove a fully loaded 2016 MKX last week and was very impressed! However, I was kind of disappointed that the A/C seats seemed to only cool the seat cushion of the seat and not the seat back as well. Does anyone else find this to be odd that they would design it to be like that...
  20. Ordered my 2016 MKX - Huge Thanks To George Wall Lincoln

    Lincoln Discussion
    Been an interesting two weeks which tested the patience of my Lincoln dealership. I currently am leasing a Ruby Red 2013 Cadillac SRX. That lease is up in a few months. Stopped in at my local Lincoln dealership two weeks ago to start talking price on a 2016 MKX lease. I wanted a loaded...