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  1. Lincoln MKX Awarded 5-Year Cost to Own

    Lincoln Discussion
    DEARBORN – The Lincoln MKX was named to 2014 5-Year Cost to Own Award list by Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book projects customers shopping for luxury midsize SUV and crossovers will get the lowest five-year ownership cost from the 2014 Lincoln MKX. The 5-Year Cost to Own Awards...
  2. Lincoln MKX discontinued for 2015

    Lincoln Discussion
    I just got word from Ford today that there will be no 2015 Lincoln MKX, but there will be a 2015 Edge arriving 'very late' this year. There was no announcement on a 2016 MKX so it's unclear if this product has been discontinued, skipping a year, or is going in a different direction. This...
  3. 2014 Lincoln MKX to make use of tree-based fiberglass alternative

    Lincoln Discussion
    2014 Lincoln MKX to make use of tree-based fiberglass alternative Ford's Lincoln luxury division has announced plans to use a renewable alternative to fiberglass in its 2014 MKX utility vehicle. The culmination of a three-year collaboration between Lincoln, Weyerhaeuser and auto parts supplier...
  4. Lincoln mkx commercial 2013

    Lincoln Discussion
    better than the steer the script
  5. The rumors continue: Lincoln MKZ & MKX to be made in China from 2015

    Lincoln Brand News
    BY JOEY WANG MAY 23, 2012 Car News China Earlier this week we reported about rumors in the Chinese press saying Lincoln cars would possibly be made in China from 2015. The rumors are looking more like facts today as Chinese media reports that the first Lincolns to be made in China are the new...
  6. Why I Believe in Lincoln

    Lincoln Brand News
    Continued at LINK - The Alternator Blog
  7. Review: 2011 Lincoln MKX

    Lincoln Discussion
    Review: 2011 Lincoln MKX Competing Against Edge More Than Other Luxury CUVs Autoblog by John Neff Dec 21st 2010 What that $3,405 difference between our MKX tester and a similarly equipped Edge gets you is Lincoln styling and luxury. If you're willing to pay more for the association of driving...
  8. 2011 Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX get first recall (71 vehicles)

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    2011 Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX get first recall Autoblog By Zack Bowman Oct 9, 2010 That was quick. Ford has issued a recall for a whopping 71 2011 Lincoln MKX and 2011 Ford Edge models due to rear latches that are unable to be locked. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety...
  9. Video Overviews: 2011 Lincoln MKX

    Lincoln Brand News
    Video Overviews: 2011 Lincoln MKX Too much tech to cover in text? Go to videos. October 25, 2010 By: Nick Saporito Below we've compiled a few videos detailing MyLincoln Touch on the 2011 Lincoln MKX. Instead of doing one long video review of the system, we've condensed...
  10. FIN Drives: 2011 Lincoln MKX AWD

    FIN Headline News
    FIN Drives: 2011 Lincoln MKX AWD The new MKX comes close to setting the luxury crossover standard. October 25, 2010 By: Nick Saporito Typically found in abundance at golf courses, upscale shopping centers and eateries, luxury crossovers have quickly become a...
  11. Two Of A Kind: MKX, MKT Pose Together

    Lincoln Brand News
    Two Of A Kind: MKX, MKT Pose Together Lincoln's family resemblance is quiet obvious. October 24, 2010 By: Nick Saporito As mentioned, this week we have a 2011 MKX AWD in the FIN Garage for review. Dressed in Ingot Silver Metallic paint, it just so happens we have...
  12. Lincoln Targets Women in New Advertising Campaign for MKX

    Lincoln Brand News
    LINCOLN TARGETS WOMEN IN NEW URBAN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN FOR 2011 LINCOLN MKX CROSSOVER Ford Press Release Today Lincoln launches a new urban ad campaign called “Touch Me All Over” that highlights the technology, luxury and style found on the 2011 Lincoln MKX crossover The campaign features...
  13. Ford Releases New 2011 MKX Photos

    Lincoln Brand News
    Ford Releases New MKX Photos I noticed on the media site today that Ford released some new shots of the 2011 MKX. I suspect they are going to be used for Lincoln's new marketing campaign. Check 'em out!
  14. Lincoln Uses Lighting & Star Power in New Ad Campaign

    Lincoln Discussion
    LINCOLN USES LIGHTING AND STAR POWER TO SHOWCASE LUXURY, TECHNOLOGY IN NEW ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Ford Press Release Lincoln is debuting a new ad campaign called “Smarter Than Luxury,” featuring a new look and feel, designed to shine a spotlight on the technology and craftsmanship that...
  15. Review: 2011 Lincoln MKX

    Lincoln Brand News
    Review: 2011 Lincoln MKX It seems that you need to have a luxury branded mid-size crossover to succeed in the car biz these days. Since it’s introduction in 2006; the Lincoln MKX has proved to be a hot seller for the brand, despite offering just a single engine and transmission (in this case...
  16. First Drive: 2011 Lincoln MKX

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln Follows Ford and Takes the Refresh to a New Level If there's a sales star of the Lincoln lineup, it's the MKX. Ford's luxury arm has managed to move over 100,000 of the leather-lined crossovers since 2006, and that pace doesn't look to be slowing anytime soon. Lincoln says the crossover...
  17. 2011 MKX "Live Shots"

    Lincoln Discussion
    I always prefer to see live shots of new products versus studio shots, so I pulled some on the new MKX as it is arriving at dealerships now. More shots @ AutoTrader More shots @ AutoTrader More shots @ AutoTrader
  18. Class-exclusive features, new technologies further improve the 2011 lincoln mkx

    Ford Corporate News
    In addition to the launch of MyLincoln Touch driver connect technology, the 2011 Lincoln MKX adds a suite of other convenience features and technologies, several of which are not available anywhere else in the midsize luxury crossover segment. More...
  19. 2011 lincoln mkx uses advanced technology to produce best-in-class horsepower, fuel e

    Lincoln Discussion
    The 2011 Lincoln MKX, with industry-first MyLincoln Touch™ driver connect technology, is a high-tech showcase. That is true of the luxury crossover’s powertrain as well. More...
  20. Emphasis on craftsmanship, execution defines 2011 lincoln mkx exterior design

    Lincoln Discussion
    The debut of the Lincoln MKX midsize luxury crossover in 2006 opened a new era of Lincoln style and the 2011 Lincoln MKX extends the legacy of modern, flowing design accentuated by crafted details. More...