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  1. Lincoln Discussion
    Hey guys, for fun I looked into what kind of custom wheels people have installed on their MKZs. I must admit, I feel as though a few have really freshened the car's design for me. It looks... dare I say... pretty badass. I would absolutely consider an MKZ now, knowing that I could put on some...
  2. Lincoln Discussion
    Spy Photographer Brian Williams mentioned and deleted on Twitter that he saw a RHD Lincoln MKZ running around. However, he said it was a one-off prototype. I'm not sure if there are photos anywhere. But I thought it was worth mentioning here. Discuss amongst ye-selves! Edit: (RHD=Right Hand...
  3. Lincoln Discussion
    Totally Useless but people on the MKZ forum noticed the stubby antenna on the BAMR models is gone. Looks like Ford finally figured out how to fix that. This picture is on but some have spotted them on dealer lots without the stubby antenna.
  4. Lincoln Discussion
    Hey guys! I really wanted to wait for the refreshed MKZ to come around, but couldn't wait. I never see too many MKZ's that have any sort of customization to them. I had my stock wheels powder coated gloss black - let me know your thoughts?
  5. Member's Driveway
    Did some shots today. Wanted to do more but a guy with a pickup decided to park next to me under the bridge and refused to move.
  6. Lincoln Discussion
    Car & Driver savages the MKZ BL Hybrid in its latest review for being an overpriced Ford Fusion with poor interior quality and ergonomics with a course and anemic hybrid system that gets bad FE. Basically the same thing we've always heard about Lincolns, overpriced Fords that lack refinement...
  7. Member's Driveway
    ...2015 MKZ Hybrid!:thumb: As you guys already know, I delayed the purchase of the new MKX (BL) and decided to try a Hybrid for a change: Later, I'll post a detailed list of options....:smile:
  8. Lincoln Discussion
    Not sure if this was already posted before. My apologies if it was. Good afternoon, So, I have this odd problem with my 2009 MKZ's tipstart. Occasionally, it would start to crank but not turn over. It would crank for the 10 seconds and cut it's supposed to do I guess. However...
  9. Lincoln Discussion
    MKZ prototypes are on the streets now still camouflaged, but revealing some details. The backend is mostly carried over but with a new lower bumper and larger integrated exhaust tips, but the front-end is completely redesign from A-forward. Headlights are much larger with allot more jewelry...
  10. Lincoln Discussion
    And it is only March? I was looking to order an MKZ Hybrid and the Sales Team was not aware it had been discontinued. They told me there is a 2016 MKZ Hybrid, but it too could not be ordered at this time? What is going on a Lincoln?
  11. Lincoln Brand News
    2015 Lincoln MKZ Black Label Wins Two Awards at Texas Auto Roundup Lincoln ​The 2015 Lincoln MKZ Black Label won two awards at the recent Texas Auto Roundup held by the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA). Fifty-two journalists attending the annual event chose the 2015 Lincoln MKZ Black...
  12. Lincoln Discussion
    I have noticed thru the fleet web sites that the 2016 model year changeover on the Fusions and MKZ are happening in Feb-April... I assume the refresh for '17 will happen earlier than later..Would the 16's just be model year name only? any words on slight changes? I originally figured May for...
  13. Lincoln Brand News
  14. Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln Teases next MKZ ad with McConaughey Saw this on Instagram.
  15. Member's Driveway
    ....due to the fact that the warranty is about to expire in a month. Although it has been extremely reliable (only technical issue was dead battery), I don't feel comfortable driving a car without warranty and I didn't want to spend a fortune on an extension so I thought this was the right time...
  16. Lincoln Brand News
    The All-new Lincoln MKC and MKZ Media Test Drives in China Lincoln ​SHANGHAI, China — Following the Lincoln launch event in Shanghai on Oct. 23, more than 120 media guests experienced the premium amenities and quality driving experience of Lincoln’s MKZ and MKC in two days of test drives to...
  17. Lincoln Discussion
    Just wondering if it will be a short model year for 2015 for the MKZ, since Black Label hasn't come out yet.. Would they wait for the refresh? I noticed on a site (forgot which one) that final orders for 15's were due around end of December.. Since all the Lincolns are changin their dashboards...
  18. Lincoln Brand News
    2015 MKZ Microsite Gets Updated Lincoln Lincoln finally updated their website to include the 2015 Lincoln MKZ. The updated microsite gets updated with new, sharper, larger images of the MKZ. Very similar to the design of the new Lincoln China website They Hybrid page is the more flowing...
  19. Lincoln Brand News
    Anybody else see this: Continental's 360-degree camera system goes next level with 3D over at Autoblog? The comment about it being on an MkZ is what caught my eye. I would have started a new thread for this, but for some reason I was unable to do so. EDIT: If anyone wants to make a thread of...
  20. Lincoln Discussion
    Once again I have access to spy photos of a next-gen Lincoln, this time of an MKZ with some fascia camo, just covering the front bumper and grille area. It's hard to make out what's going on but you can see two chrome bars running across the fascia instead of the lincoln grille, it looks like...
1-20 of 158 Results