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  1. Ford Brand News - Global
    FORD TO MAKE EXCITING PERFORMANCE CAR ANNOUNCEMENT ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Ford NOV 13, 2014 | DEARBORN, MICH. Watch the Ford performance design video and see how track-inspired design cues make their way onto a new performance sports car coming soon from Ford. The “Ford Performance Design”...
    ;) After a crazy weekend with some car issues I am happy to be back and chatting with my friends in the community. Not to mention my Philadelphia Eagles won over the weekend. Hope everyone has a great week.
  3. Ford Car Discussion
    * Fiesta momentum continues with 6,000 reservations and more than 100,000 handraisers, months ahead of its launch this summer * All 50 states are represented in reservations with interest from both Ford and non-Ford customers; 51 percent of Fiesta reservations are from non-Ford customers *...
  4. Ford Employee Discussion
    NEW YORK (AP) -- General Motors Corp. says its "jobs bank" program will end Monday. The program gives union workers at the Detroit automakers most of their pay and benefits while they are laid off. The jobs bank was the target of much ire during the companies' requests for a federal bailout...
  5. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    thanks to BON member "zipnzap", from - Swedish government on its way to Detroit January 9th, 2009 A delegation from the Swedish Government will meet with top management from Ford and GM in Detroit on Monday... ...After visiting the auto show on Sunday, Monday will see...
  6. Ford Corporate News
    Good FORD news! Since everything seems to be bad news in the world of Ford these days, we are happy to post a list of 10 interesting and good news that shows progress in many different areas. Ford F-Series Super Duty now has the highest resale value of any full-size pickup – up to 57%...
1-6 of 10 Results