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  1. General Motors September 2008 Sales down 18% from last year

    General Motors Discussion
    Lots of GM media spin
  2. Scandia Motors?

    European Competition
    today's CrazyIdea™ comes from reading about - GM rumors re: keeping(now)/killing(last few weeks) divisions-brands - Ford ^dittos^ selling(or Not) Volvo - not seeing any in-house sales-synergies (esp for Saab & GM's other brands imho) & - thoughts about how customer perceptions have little to do...
  3. General Motors to distribute 100 hydrogen fuel-cell SUVs

    General Motors Discussion General Motors announced that it will be looking for drivers in California, New York, and Washington D.C. to drive fuel-cell versions of its Chevy Equinox. 100 SUVs will be given to testers, at virtually no...
  4. General Motors Turns to Profit Despite Falling Revenue

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    General Motors Turns to Profit Despite Falling Revenue SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- General Motors Corp. shares rose Tuesday after the Detroit giant said it reversed its second-quarter loss from a year ago with all four of its global automotive segments, including the key North America...
  5. Detroit News: UAW kicks off labor talks with Ford, General Motors

    Ford Employee Discussion
    UAW kicks off labor talks with Ford, General Motors DEARBORN, MI., July 23, 2007 -- Ron Gettelfinger (left), UAW President and Alan Mulally, President and CEO, Ford Motor Company at the opening of 2007 UAW-Ford Collective Bargaining talks at Ford's World Headquarters. Photo by...
  6. VW says no to Defiant Motors: GX3 coffin nailed shut for good

    European Competition Back in April, we reported on Defiant Motors' grassroots effort to resurrect the canceled Volkswagen GX3 program. The GX3, you'll remember, is a three-wheeler the German automaker debuted at the...
  7. MSNBC Poll:company manufactures better cars--General Motors or Toyota?

    Chrysler Group Discussion