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  1. Spy Shots—Monstrous Ford F-750 Mules Caught

    Ford Brand News - Global
    SEMA The shooters at KGP Photography caught some mules for what appears to be the next-generation Ford F-750 around Ford's Dearborn development sites. This beast takes the crew cab from the current F-750 and adds a new, makeshift grille that juts out over the existing hood line. Interestingly...
  2. C3 Focus Mule(s) Spied

    Ford Car Discussion
    New Focus Spied - EXCLUSIVE! First(?) pictures as the all new Focus finally hits the road!28th August 2009 It's the news blue oval fans have been waiting for! The all new Ford Focus prototype has finally hit the road... ================ and from March (thanks to...
  3. First spy shots of T6 Ranger mules.

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Ford hasn’t said officially what, if anything, will replace the U.S.-built Ford Ranger when production ends in 2011 but recent spy photos captured half a world apart point to a brand new, globally produced small pickup taking its place by 2012. The engineering mules seen in these pictures might...
  4. Saab Using Opel Mules For Next 9-5 (Spied Saab Interior )

    General Motors Discussion
    2010 Saab 9-5? Opel Insignia Test Mule Spied with Saab Interior Carscoop Link
  5. '09 F-150 Mules Spotted

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Pictures and entire article here. But KGP has now spotted this heavily masked prototype, which hints at the F-150 adopting a variant of Ford’s corporate 3-bar grille. It’s hard to tell what the extent of the rest of the changes are from this mule, but we’d expect to see a complete update, with...