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  1. Obama to Visit to Mo. Ford Plant

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Obama to visit to Mo. Ford plant, highlight industry turnaround Detroit News Washington— President Barack Obama will visit Ford Motor Co.’s Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri on Friday as the White House highlights the fifth anniversary of 2008 financial meltdown that left banks, automakers...
  2. Ford’s Mulally Says U.S. Auto Sales Are Rebounding

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford’s Mulally Says U.S. Auto Sales Are Rebounding Bloomberg By Keith Naughton September 17, 2010 Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally said auto sales are improving as the U.S. economy arrests its decline and praised President Barack Obama’s efforts to fight the recession. “The...
  3. Detroit News: Rattner's memoir opens curtain on auto bailouts

    Competition News
    Rattner's memoir opens curtain on auto bailouts The Detroit News David Shepardson September 03, 2010 Washington -- The Obama administration vetoed attempts by General Motors to abandon its Detroit headquarters, a new book by a former top auto adviser reveals. The revelation comes in a...
  4. Obama the Auto Critic: 2011 Ford Explorer Is "Outstanding"

    FIN Headline News
    Obama the Auto Critic: 2011 Ford Explorer Is "Outstanding" Just the Facts: President Obama praises the 2011 Explorer during his visit to the Chicago Ford plant. Obama says his last personal car was a Ford Escape. Obama says the domestic auto industry is "not back to where it needs to be," but...
  5. Obama to visit Ford's Chicago plant

    Ford Corporate News
    President Barack Obama will talk about the successful restructuring of the auto industry, the administration's efforts to encourage exports and fuel efficiency when he visits Ford's assembly plant in Chicago on Thursday. More...
  6. Teleprompterless Obama Speaks His Mind

    Diablo's Den
    Without Teleprompter the Real Obama Shows Without Teleprompter the Real Obama Shows
  7. Obama Botches Most Important Ally's Visit

    Diablo's Den
    Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown LINK
  8. Obama drops "car czar" idea

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Obama drops "car czar" idea By Matt Spetalnick CHICAGO (Reuters) - President Barack Obama has decided to form a government task force for restructuring the struggling U.S. auto industry instead of naming a "car czar" with sweeping powers, a senior administration official said on Sunday. Obama...
  9. “Miserable Failure” Linked to Obama

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  10. Obama Tightens Emissions Standards

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    Reuters AP/ Via Google
  11. What is Obama Trying to do to Lincolns Legacy?

    Diablo's Den
    Obama is trying to tie himself to lincoln. From his bible to his train ride to food. Why is Obama trying to do this, yet he has not done anything yet in terms of presidential achievement. Should he not try to create his own legacy. I think it is petty to compare presidencies when Obama hasn't...
  12. Obama Joins the Club

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  13. Contingency Briefings for Obama

    Diablo's Den Seems like Bush is doing a great job in making sure there is a smooth transfer of office to the incoming administration.
  14. Blago Scandal Starts the Slow March Towards Obama

    Diablo's Den
    I hope this does not affect this new Admin. But the tell tale signs of the entanglements are beggining to show? HERE is the story. Not from a very pro Obama site, but oh well.
  15. Obama Sponsoring Toyota at Nascar ?? Wants American Presidency

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  16. Obama say: "The 1979 Ford Granada is the worst car ever"

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    Senator Barack Obama say that the 1979 Ford Granada is the worst car ever. You think Senator Obama is correct in this apretiation?? I think Barack Obama is the worst Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. I think is too similar to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. But the politics aren't the...
  17. Detroir News: Ford bashes Obama for Big 3 comments

    Ford Corporate News
    Mackinac Policy Conference Ford bashes Obama for Big 3 comments David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau MACKINAC ISLAND -- Expressing the frustration of many domestic automakers, Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. took aim Thursday at one of the industry's tormentors --...