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  1. All-New Ford S-MAX Offers Range of Smart Innovations

    Ford Brand News - Global
    All-New Ford S-MAX Offers Range of Smart Innovations Ford:Europe Cologne, Germany, March 23, 2015 – Ford of Europe today announced that the all-new S-MAX will be the first Ford worldwide to offer Intelligent Speed Limiter, a new technology that scans traffic signs and adjusts the throttle to...
  2. 2015 Ford Focus Electric Offers Range Upgrade

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Ford Focus Electric Offers Range Upgrade Ford is set to launch the 2015 Focus Electric by end of year. Current 2014 model inventory is now below 100 units nationwide, with a new lower MSRP at $25,995 along with an additional $4,000 Cash Back. The 2015 model is already known to come...
  3. New Focus offers up to 19% fuel economy gains, more powerful engines.

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    ​,%20More%20Powerful%20Engines.aspx COLOGNE, Germany – The new Ford Focus delivers the car’s most fuel-efficient powertrain line-up ever with...
  4. New Leather in the 2015 MKC Offers Premium Feel

    Lincoln Brand News
    The New Leather in the 2015 Lincoln MKC Offers Drivers a Premium Feel to a Smooth Ride Ford ​​The leather in the all-new Lincoln MKC is some of the softest to the touch. Leather manufacturer, BoW, has introduced a new and more natural leather construction, comparable to leather found on...
  5. Ford Offers its Inflatable Seatbelts to the Competition

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    For the whole story, Ford Offers its Inflatable Seatbelts to the Competition and a lot more, visit
  6. Lincoln Offers $3,000 Conquest Cash for Lexus/Prius/Cadillac

    Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln Offers $3,000 Conquest Cash for Lexus/Prius/Cadillac Lincoln Cadillac has been offering a $1,500 to non-GM owners + $750 for current GM owners to lease a new Cadillac. Ford brand has offered a $1,000 Conquest Cash offer on most models for quite a while, and has helped with conquest...
  7. Toyota Offers Highest Incentives for March

    Ford Corporate News
    Toyota Offers Highest Incentives for March March auto sales is expected to increase overall due to better weather conditions and fleet orders being filled that could not during the snowy conditions. Looking at Ford's primary competition for the Fusion and Focus, it's Toyota that is expecting...
  8. Ford Offers SYNC AppLink for 3.4 Million More Customers

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Offers SYNC AppLink for 3.4 Million More Customers Ford ​DEARBORN – Building on the pioneering SYNC® in-car connectivity system it launched in 2007, Ford Motor Company today announces new system investments and organizational alignments to deliver the industry’s best fully integrated...
  9. Ford Offers Preview of 2015 Mustang Next Week

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford offers auto writers a look at redesigned Mustang next week Automotive News DETROIT (Reuters) -- The long wait will be over soon for hard-core Mustang fans: Ford Motor Co. plans to unveil the next-generation 2015 Mustang later this year, several months ahead of the car's 50th anniversary...
  10. Ford Offers $3,000 2013 Fusion Energi Incentive

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Offers $3,000 2013 Fusion Energi Incentive It looks like Ford is responding to the Volt $5k price drop to $37,995 including destination charges. After Ford incentives, the 2013 Fusion Energi SE is now at $35,700 or $36,495 including destination charges...
  11. Ford Offers Free Hybrid MPG Enhancements!

    Ford Corporate News
    Better on-road mileage performance for hybrids Ford As its electrified vehicle market share grows, Ford also is taking action to improve the on-road fuel economy performance of 2013-model hybrid vehicles in the United States and Canada. Starting in August, the company will make calibration...
  12. Lincoln offers peak into new styling direction with design boss Max Wolff

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  13. Ford offers lessons to more than industry rivals From The Detroit News: http://www.d

    Ford Corporate News
    Drive along Michigan Avenue in Dearborn and you can’t miss the telltale signs of decline: One empty storefront after another sits alongside an undercapitalized new venture here and a wheezing business there. The vibrant restaurant scene of the early decade is gone, a victim of cutbacks at Ford...
  14. First-ever ford police interceptor utility debuts, offers portfolio of choice for law

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Motor Company today revealed its newest pursuit-rated vehicle – Ford’s first-ever specially designed Police Interceptor utility built for the rigors of police work. More...
  15. Ford Offers Free 400HP ECU Upgrade on all 2011 F-Series Super Duty Pickups with V8 Di

    Ford Corporate News
    Don't you just hate it when you buy a product and then a month later the company decides to release an upgraded version? Take owners who purchased a 2011 F-Series Super Duty diesel earlier this year, for example.When the pickup was first launched onto the market, its 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8...
  16. Chrysler Offers 60-Day Return Program on Most 2010 Models

    Ford Corporate News
    Customers who buy a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram Truck vehicle can now enroll in a program that lets them return the vehicle within 60 days of purchase. If a customer isn’t satisfied with their new vehicle, Chrysler will take the cars back and cover the first two months’ payment, up to...
  17. Ford Offers To Buy Back 81 Dealers

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford offers to buy back 81 stores Dealer development retailers ask to extend April 1 deadline Amy Wilson and Arlena Sawyers Automotive News | March 10, 2008 - 12:01 am EST DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. is offering a one-time buyout to the 81 members of its dealer development program, most of...
  18. AutoNews: Nissan Offers Buyouts For US Design Staff

    Asian Competition
    Nissan offers buyouts to U.S. design staff Automotive News | February 22, 2008 - 12:01 am EST DETROIT (Reuters) -- Nissan Motor Co., Japan's third-largest automaker, is offering buyouts to about 100 of its designers in California and Michigan as part of a revamp of its global vehicle...
  19. Volvo Offers Cash To Thin The Herd

    European Competition
    NADA MAKE MEETINGS Volvo offers cash to thin the herd Mark Rechtin Automotive News | February 18, 2008 - 12:01 am EST SAN FRANCISCO — With sales declining, Volvo Cars of North America revealed its plan to winnow its dealer body. Volvo field executives will visit every dealer in the...
  20. Mustang offers new glass roof option

    Mustang Discussion
    New Glass Roof Option Available on 45th Anniversary Mustang DEARBORN, Dec. 12, 2007 -- The 2009 Ford Mustang gallops into showrooms next summer with a unique option for its 45th anniversary -- a glass roof. The special feature, a factory-installed first in its segment, will join the...