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  1. 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS Aka The Facelifted GL Leaks Online

    Competition News
    2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS Aka The Facelifted GL Leaks Online Pictures of Mercedes-Benz’s updated GL that will become known as the GLS slipped through the internet cracks prior to the luxury SUV’s world premiere at next month’s LA Auto Show. The brochure-sourced shots of the GLS come courtesy of...
  2. First little MKZ brochure now online

    Lincoln Discussion
    MKZ brochure now online Enjoy:
  3. FIN Exclusive! Online chat with Eric Kuehn, chief engineer of the 2011 Ford F-150

    FIN Headline News
    This Chat has being rescheduled for this Thursday, January 24, between 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm Eastern Time. Eric started tinkering with cars long before he had a driver’s license. As a 13-year-old in northern Michigan, he took it as a challenge to get the former family car – a 1966 Chevrolet...
  4. 200 configurator online

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    the Chrysler 200 Configurator is UP I'm surprised by how few versions (colors/options) there are but if it's more to maximize quality than cut inventory costs , I'm ok with it I guess just hope there's a LOT more choice, like I've seen at Fiat configurators in the past, for the all-new...
  5. Ford's Mulally beats the tech gurus in online voting for Businessperson of the Year

    Ford Corporate News
    If you saw the recent boring-story-brilliantly-told called The Social Network, you might have come away with the notion that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg deserves the Businessperson of the Year title. The movie's been a box-office smash, but evidently the voting public felt otherwise, electing...
  6. 2011 Milan Online Brochure

    Mercury Discussion
    2011 Milan Online Brochure (1,896 kb)
  7. Ford begins online car sales in the UK, 40% of buyers approve

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Car Buying, Etc., Ford, UK Ford has started offering vehicles for direct sale via the internet for United Kingdom customers. Ford conducted its own research and found that almost 40 percent of buyers don't even care about a test drive; they just want what they want with the click...
  8. 2011 Ford mustang configurator comes online

    Mustang Discussion
  9. GM Pressconferences Online!

    General Motors Discussion
    Watch GM's Auto Show Press Conferences live from your PC For all of you die-hard GM fans out there (& other Brand fans who like to be up-to-the-second informed), you can watch the LIVE reveals and press conferences on your PC via video webcast. The webcasts will be hosted at the following...
  10. FUSION goes WEB/SocialMedia with Fusion41 Online RelayRace

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    FORD LOOKING FOR 2010 FUSION OWNERS FOR UNIQUE CONSUMER PROGRAM - Ford is seeking 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid owners to participate in Fusion 41, an automotive relay race designed to build awareness and excitement around the all-new Fusion; the Fusion owner of the winning team...
  11. Mustang online Customizer - transmogrifier

    Mustang Discussion
    Mustang online Customizer - transmogrifier @ & Autoblog article Jalopnik article MotorAuthoriTAH article serving suggestion: CGS Motorsports SEMA Stang via MotorAuthoriTAH ========== comics' shtick used & not seriously harmed in this post: click for series ^ ...Most...
  12. 2008 Mercury Mariner Is A Hit With Online Consumers

    Mercury Discussion
    2008 MERCURY MARINER IS A HIT WITH ONLINE CONSUMERS “Best Little SUV on the Market!!!!!!!!” “All factors considered (size, price, features, performance, efficiency), this is well and by far the greatest vehicle ever made.” “Everything about it is just wow!” “Best car/SUV I purchased in the...
  13. mazda allows buyers to negotiate price online

    Mazda Discussion Mazda has unveiled a program that allows web users to visit the manufacturer's website and chat real-time in order to negotiate an actual price quote on a vehicle from a local dealership. Since few cars are sold at MSRP, Mazda is allowing...

    Mercury Discussion LINCOLN MKX IS A HIT WITH ONLINE CONSUMERS “Thumbs up to the Blue Oval guys as you are now getting the message what people want.” “I hope this trend of ‘HOT’ vehicles continues from Lincoln.” “If you haven’t considered a domestic in a...