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  1. Dodge commercial on our front page...?

    The Lounge
    Hey hey folks! Not trying to muddy any waters around here, but why exactly is a Dodge performance commercial on our headline/front page? It's definitely super badass but I'm not seeing what that has to do with FIN front page, especially considering the newly revealed LM GTE Pro Class Ford GT...
  2. Keep the Falcon RWD FB Page

    Ford Motor Company Discussion I saw this posted on the Mercury FB page so I figured I would spread the word as of right now the page is very small with only 114 likes. So if you have a FB LIKE THIS!!!! Let's show Ford that we still want RWD
  3. Pimple in the face . . . page Site Issues
    Saw this in the front page today: Most likely a mistake, but looks untidy. Would somebody get rid of it? Love, S.
  4. Autoblog: Ford steals a page from mobile phones for Mondeo's HMI

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford steals a page from mobile phones for Mondeo's HMI In-car user interface systems run the gamut in terms of usability. BMW's iDrive (which we've found to be alternately wonderful and maddening) and Audi's slicker, easier-to-use MMI are two of the most well-known. Devising an interface...
  5. Home Page

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Theres a new Homepage: It looks nice, and is now linked to the Forums!!!!!!! Te he he