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  1. Ford Car Discussion
    The face lift C-Max just arrived at my local dealership this past week. The new colour looks really good.
  2. Mustang Discussion
    I recently purchased a brand new 2015 Mustang GT 5.0 (with 32 miles on it) and when I brought it home I noticed the door brushed against the front fender when I opened it which caused paint damage. It seems the front fender had been misaligned (Youtube video below). So I took it to a local...
  3. Ford Car Discussion
    Love the color. from the article: New Silver Ford GT for Chicago Auto Show, looks like Ford is bringing this Quicksilver pained Ford GT. 8 pictures in the gallery .
  4. Mustang Discussion
    Since it is unpainted and unrestored, how long before it starts rusting? what is the best way to keep this car from rusting? 71345 miles original and numbers matching 351 4bbl and Top loader 4 speed. 23 pictures and full article .
    Remember that day when your vehicle rolled off the showroom floor? It was a feast for your eyes, and you were proud to own such a lustful masterpiece. But years passed by, and the elements did their job. Annoying spider webbing on the hood, small dings on the doors, and irritating hairline...
  6. European Competition
    Find out about the newest set of Mercedes options available for order in Canada. The story inside. More...
  7. Ford Corporate News
    PAINT BY NUMBERS ‘TOP TEN’ DEVELOPMENTS IN FORD’S COLOR PALETTE How important is color when it comes to buying a vehicle? According to Ford Motor Company research, 39 percent of consumers say they will walk out of a dealership if it doesn’t have a vehicle they want in their color of choice...
  8. Mustang Discussion
    :o Anyone know the paint code (I know it is on the driver's side door) for touch up paint?
1-8 of 10 Results