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  1. Ford leads industry in perceived quality gains as perception catches up to reality

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD LEADS INDUSTRY IN PERCEIVED QUALITY GAINS AS PERCEPTION CATCHES UP TO REALITY DEARBORN, Mich., May 14, 2010 – Ford Motor Company achieved the largest gain of any automaker in Automotive Lease Guide’s latest Perceived Quality Score, bringing customer perceptions more in line with Ford’s...
  2. Autoblog: Detroit automakers still grapple with perception gap

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Detroit automakers still grapple with perception gap by Jonathon Ramsey "Import intenders" is the term used for car buyers who don't even consider domestic vehicles when planning their next purchase. And according to J.D. Power, they make up 54-percent of car buyers. In spite of Detroit's...
  3. Ideas on changing Ford's perception of quality.

    Ford Employee Discussion
    Hello, everyone. My screen name is cobrajetjoe77 and I am new to the Forum. I am a member because I like to research as much information about Ford Motor Company as I can because I care about the company and its future. My great grandfather, grandfather, and father all worked at Ford Motor...