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  1. 2015 Expedition Platinum EL review w/ video and 100 pics!

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    just sharing.. Test drives are so instantly illuminating. Writing (and reading!) car reviews, you can think you know all about a machine from afar. Then you slide behind the wheel and buckle in, tap the start button and are surprised beyond belief. In some cases, the car or truck you think...
  2. 2016 Ford Taurus spy pics in Australia or it is the 2016 MKS?

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    SPY PICS: Ford Taurus/Lincoln MKS? testing in Geelong Ford Australia is reported to be carrying out local testing of products for international markets, including next-generation Lincolns. And these exclusive spy shots provide supporting evidence. According to reader, 'Roo'...
  3. Infiniti LE production version leaked in patent pics?

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    Infiniti LE production version leaked in patent pics? It was April 2012 when Infiniti unveiled the LE concept at the New York Auto Show, a sleek electric sedan which now seems will finally get a production version. Chances are it will use an adaptation Nissan Leaf’s powertrain so expect an...
  4. 2014 Falcon - Official teaser pic(s)

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    - - - - - - - - - - 962x702
  5. 2015 Focus Sedan Spy Pics

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    Couple good shots of the changes to the rear lamp lens on the face lifted Focus on this site
  6. Autoblog: Live Pics Of 2014 Mazda3

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    I personally think this new version of the Mazda3 is drop dead gorgeous! Mazda appears to have a definite winner on its hands with this one!
  7. Pics of my Fiesta Accident

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    I wanted to share my experience this past February with how well my Fiesta performed at saving me. I have recently moved from an urban area where I have never needed to have snow tires on an automobile to an area where I live on a dirt rd in the mountains of Vermont. Well I was driving down the...
  8. Lincoln MK? Crossover Spy Pics

    Lincoln Brand News
    By Zach Bowman Posted Aug 13th 2012 4:57PM Lincoln may be working on a new small crossover built on the same platform as the Ford Escape. Our spy photographers recently spotted this early development vehicle out on public streets around Detroit. Slightly larger than its non-luxury sire, the...
  9. Next Toyota Auris: exclusive first pics

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    by Mark Tisshaw 25 July 2012 These are the exclusive first pictures of the all-new Toyota Auris. The new British-built hatchback, including its hybrid variant, was caught taking part in a marketing shoot in the Netherlands. As the pictures show, the new Auris gets a much more...
  10. SPIED: New Pics Surface of the 2013 Ford Fusion

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    SPIED: New Pics Surface of the 2013 Ford Fusion Zach Bowman Autoblog September 30, 2011 Our spy photographers have snapped a glimpse of the forthcoming 2013 Ford Fusion. The Mondeo-based sedan looks to have lifted lighting inspiration from the Ford Evos Concept that the automaker debuted at...
  11. Official Pics of the new Lancia (Chrysler?) Ypsilon

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    Think it should become a Chrysler? Here is the the old one for comparison:
  12. Caught: 2013 Ford Escape spy pics

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Spied! 2013 Ford Escape - Spy Shots What was once the Vertrek concept will become the 2013 Ford Escape. Road & Track By Matt DeLorenzo / Photos copyright Chris Doane/Brenda Priddy & Company January 31, 2011 While this sporty crossover was introduced as the Vertrek concept at the North American...
  13. Ford Electric Vehicle Teaser Pics

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    Ford Electric Vehicle Teaser Pics Facebook Fully charged On Friday 1/7 at 11 AM PST, Ford's CEO Alan Mulally will have big news from the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas. His keynote address will be broadcasted on a Livestream tab on Ford Electric Vehicles's Facebook Page (linked above)...
  14. 2011 Ford Explorer spied on the road - much better than awful teaser pics

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    A WCF reader has managed to capture several images of the redesigned Ford Explorer in Metro-Detroit. A WCF reader has managed to capture several images of the redesigned 2011 Ford Explorer in Metro-Detroit. While the prototype is still camouflaged, we can clearly see the Explorer resembles an...
  15. Official: Ford Flex Titanium with pics

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Official: Ford Flex Titanium Minivan-phobes may already enjoy the funky look of the Ford Flex, but buyers wanting a sportier look may want to hold out for the 2011 Flex Titanium model, which hits showrooms later this summer. Although it isn't badged as a Sport model, the Flex Titanium...
  16. 2011 Fiesta Gets Early Reveal from Autoblog (Official Pics)

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    2011 Fiesta Gets Early Reveal from Autoblog (Official Pics) The Fiesta Movement, Ford's campaign to introduce the little global Fiesta car to the U.S. market, kicked off at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year and will end this week during the LA Auto Show with, what else, a party. Oh...
  17. 2011 Super Duty Pics released before full reveal later today

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  18. nextgen XJ pic(s)

    European Competition
    An all-new Jaguar XJ will make its public debut in July 2009 - Speaking at Auto Shanghai 2009, Jaguar Cars Managing Director, Mike O'Driscoll confirmed that:The all-new Jaguar XJ will go on sale at the end of 2009 - but will officially be revealed on July 9th in London. The...
  19. Ford of China site gives more Fiesta sedan pics.

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    Ok so its only a month til ours is revealed (educated guess its at NY) but thought this should give us some more ideas of what ours will be so enjoy.:D O and can someone figure out what the decale is on the b-pillar..its bugging the heck out of me...
  20. Spied! Coyote Engine Pics Show We Weren't Crying Wolf

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