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    What can we expect from the cars in future? Probably they will be stuffed with lots of smart technologies, electronics and will be fully self-driven... Well, actually the Ford company is already has an answer to this tricky question. A few days ago it has unveiled the all-new...
  2. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Take a look at differences between trims Ford Inside News Pictures by Nick Saporito January 13, 2013 King Ranch Lariat Platnium XLT
  3. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    In Pictures: The 5 Biggest Debuts of the 2013 LA Auto Show Southern California is a hotbed for higher-end automobiles, so it should come as no real surprise that several of the biggest debuts at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show were high-dollar luxury and sports cars. 1. 2015 Lincoln MKC With...
  4. Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Ford Mustang Pictures and Option Prices Leaked
  5. Lincoln Discussion
    The rules of this thread are quite simple. NO CAR PICTURES I only want abstract distillations and conceptions of what ideally is lincoln to you. Dont be to picky if you see something you like post it. To me Lincoln should present a bold elegance. simplicity and wonderment. It should take "brand...
  6. FIN Headline News
    New features, styling, engines all in one global car December 8, 2011 Press Release: DETROIT, Jan. 9, 2012 – Ford’s all-new Fusion brings alive the next generation of more expressive vehicles from Ford and is the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid...
  7. Competition News
    2012 Mercedes SLS Roadster Pictures By Colum Wood May 29 2011 AutoGuide Having officially announced the new Roadster versions of the SLS sports car yesterday, Mercedes-Benz has now released an extensive selection of stunning photos of the brand’s new drop-top. Powered by the same 6.2-liter V8...
  8. Competition News
    SSC: new fastest car in the world? By: Paul Horrell Want to know what 1,200 horsepower feels like? In a car that weighs a third less than a Bugatti Veyron? It's violent, bonkers, near malicious. A crush on your body, a blur on your vision. As magnetic and sinister as peering...
  9. European Competition
    Replacing the Mercedes CL, first official pictures of the new S-Class Coupe have been leaked on the Internet.[/URL] More...
  10. Ford Car Discussion
    Net Car Show just posted more pictures of the upcoming C-Max and Grand C-Max. I would love to see the regular C-Max in Mercury's lineup sometime in the future. The Grand C-Max offers more room, but it looks a little square to me. Link:, Source: Net Car...
  11. General Motors Discussion
    也许是角度问题 看不出惊险之处
  12. General Motors Discussion
  13. Mercury Discussion
    Pictures Courtesy of Autoblog. LINK:
  14. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I want to see the history of Ford's logos: Mercury, Lincoln, Ford, Edsel... but I dont know where i can see those pictures. Can you help me , buddys? Thanks a lot!
  15. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Orion Pictures Here are some more pictures of the Falcon testing down under. We hope this comes vehicle finds its way to North America just like Holdens are doing. It seems like these are becoming quite common on Ausie roads. If you link, please link one image only so that this site gets...
  16. European Competition
    Jaguar XF - Real life pictures by SobeSVT Some pictures from a Jaguar XF preview event. EXTERIOR: Side profile is a radical departure of anything Jaguar has done before. Still is a conservative design in keeping with Jaguar's core audience. Details were beautifully designed and very well...
  17. Ford Car Discussion
    Verve(Fiesta?) TESTCAR INTERIOR PIX via Igor @ GMI from DEVILax @ CSS a scan of the AutoExpress magazine article-not-cover (reason I'm not posting the pix... edit: tho FmcNews staff did ;)) spyshot view thru the open driver's door & view thru passenger's window-glass looks a lot like the...
1-19 of 28 Results