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  1. Is there a place for a Mercedes-Benz minivan in USA?

    European Competition
    When you see this vehicle, you can ask why USA cant drive it... This is the V-Class For sure, some will say that is not to dilute the "Luxury" image of the brand. I think that a "luxury Minivan" or "executive Minivan" is a new niche that the germans can explore.
  2. Europe: Ford holds second place in 2010

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Europe: Ford holds second place in 2010 Friday, January 14, 2011 Ford remained the second-best selling passenger car brand in Europe last year, despite a drop in sales. The OEM’s sales in its top 19 markets in 2010 fell 11.1% to 1,279,900 units against an overall market...
  3. GM is starting to sound like Peyton Place

    General Motors Discussion
    GM is starting to sound like Peyton Place Automotive News By: Keith Crane September 13, 2010 We now have the fourth General Motors CEO in a year and a half. We are told that the newest CEO and chairman-elect, Dan Akerson, was picked, at his request, by the White House to go on the GM board...
  4. Parts firms stay in hard place

    Ford Corporate News
    Another storm is coming, I'm afraid," said Sheldon Stone, talking about the hundreds of automotive parts suppliers that are still teetering on the edge of survival. Head of the restructuring practice of Birmingham-based turnaround advisory firm Amherst Partners, Stone said the good news is that...
  5. Popular Mechanics: 2009 F-150 wins first place in full-size pickup comparison test

    Ford Truck Discussion DETROIT — The automotive world is downsizing. The high cost of fuel has forced automakers to shrink both the size of vehicles and sales expectations, too. Big, thirsty and, yes, profitable vehicles just aren't moving off dealer...
  6. Lincoln MKX (2007): Can this crossover find its place in the premium CUV segment?

    Mercury Discussion
    February 21, 2007 - Lincoln seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis these days. The stuff that made a Lincoln "a Lincoln" is long gone; Ford's luxury brand no longer makes large luxury barges or stylish rides with suicide doors. It seems that these days every vehicle in the car maker's...