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  1. European Competition
    Apple has been known for their excellent design pretty much from the beginning. Anybody else find the Apple Car Play interface extremely disappointing? The interior designers go to great lengths to ensure that the colors and materials are complimentary and the overall design is classy and then...
  2. General Motors Discussion
    Memo to GM: Ford won’t play the price war game AUTOMOTIVE NEWS Jamie LaReau March 2, 2011 General Motors Co. denies it’s igniting a price war by recently offering higher incentives and lease pull-ahead deals on many vehicles. GM is right. It’s not stirring up a price war -- at least not with...
  3. Mustang Discussion
    AUTOBLOG Ford brings 2010 Mustang out to play at Road America Just as photos of the production version of the Camaro popped up on the web last week ahead of tomorrow's unveiling, Ford decided to trot out the 2010 Mustang this weekend. Unlike the fully-revealed Camaro, the '10 Mustang...
  4. Ford Corporate News
    Daniel Howes: Mackinac Policy Conference Bill Ford: U.S. auto industry 'is in play' With deep-pocket Wall St. investors, 'almost no deal is too big to be done.' MACKINAC ISLAND -- With Cerberus Capital buying Chrysler and taking control of GMAC, with private equity deals swirling around...
1-4 of 5 Results