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  1. the what cars should get RS-iffied POLL

    Ford Car Discussion
    today's excuse for a Poll is brought to you by the Conti-NAIAS thread and the Letter: 'b' ... So [x] the FoRS has it who else should? [x] Conti (3.0EB) [x] MKZ-Sport (2.7EB imho) [x] Fusion-ST/(SHO?) (2.3EB imho) [x] other ^multiple-choice will snitch who voted what ...edit afaik mods used...
  2. TrimLevels: mkX for eXample, a POLL

    Lincoln Discussion
    PICK TWO (2) !! What should be the MKX's LOWest TrimLevel (price & features) What should be the MKX's HIGHest TrimLevel (price & features) [x] $38,100 Premiere Front-wheel Drive (vinyl) [x] $40,595 Premiere All-wheel Drive (vinyl) [x] $41,390 Select Front-wheel Drive [x] $43,885 Select...
  3. POLL: Lincoln Logos

    Lincoln Discussion
    Please bare with me, this is my first poll. Favorite Lincoln logo? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9)
  4. The Grille, THE GRILLE ...a POLL

    Lincoln Discussion
    so HOW generous/stingy should Lincoln be with the new style grille of the ContiCon? click all that apply [x] Continental (duh) [x] aluminNavigator [x] MKTreplacement/Aviator [x] MKZ [x] MKX [x]_MKC________^existing__ [x] LincStang(s) [x] only [BL] other than Conti OR [x] only [BL] other than...
  5. AmeriLux vs Yurpland POLL

    Competition News
    inspired by comments elsewhere about Yurpland's Lux market still being the biggest (dunno)... Which AmeriLux Brand will be successful in Yurpland FIRST? alphabetically ... [_] Cadillac [_] Imperial (or something via Chrysler) [_] Lincoln [_] Tesla not multi-choice but feel free to rank them...
  6. RE-PAINT the MKX-Concept!!...a POLL

    The Lounge
    decided I needed a silly(ish)/fun POLL today... What COLOR should they re-paint the MKX-Concept?... ...BeFore showing it again - like at NAIAS...? [_] Crystal Silver [BL] [_] Black Tie [BL] [_] Notorious [BL] (blue) [_] Chroma Couture [BL] (brown) [_] Chroma Flame [BL] [_] Confidential...
  7. Lincoln features poll

    Lincoln Discussion
    It is no secret that I love classic Lincolns and I love the Lincoln brand, however I have been very vocal about how Ford has mishandled the brand in recent years. I think the MKC is a step in the right direction but it is only one step a lot more needs to be done. However I have noticed an...
  8. 4-d-coupes:Poll? now with chop

    European Competition
    this is not a Lincoln thread... this is Not a Lincoln thread... this is NOT a Lincoln thread*** Inspired by AutoExtremIST, Pete D'L Our "Quick Take" this week has us in a 2014 BMW 640i xDrive Gran Coupe. Sharply dressed in its shimmering Titanium Silver metallic paint and tastefully-presented...
  9. Poll: 2015 Lincoln Navigator or 2015 Cadillac Escalade?

    The Lounge
    Poll: 2015 Lincoln Navigator or 2015 Cadillac Escalade? Bring on the Bling: Luxo SUVs Add More Charms While Remaining Truck Like Luxury SUVs such as the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade are enormously profitable, and since both three-row luxury SUVs have been redesigned for the 2015...
  10. SECOND Annual Lincoln-NAIAS Smilie Poll

    The Lounge
    in 'honor' of last year's FIRST Annual Lincoln-NAIAS Smilie Poll, ______. . . presentingFiN's SECOND-Annual Lincoln-NAIAS Smilie Poll =============================================== How do you feel about FoMoCo's handling of Lincoln NOW? =============================================== [ ]. it's...
  11. [Poll For Fun] Lincoln Performance Line

    Lincoln Discussion
    Hello everyone. Just for fun after looking back at the thread I started going over the history of the Lincoln Performance History (which you can find here: ) I thought it would be fun to...
  12. Poll @ Ford: more tech?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    got an email from Ford asking for opinions on more/new tech Tell us which hands-free technologies interest you - ...So what's next? You tell us. What hands-free technologies would you like to see next in your vehicle? O I don't care. I'm happy using my hands. O I'd like to...
  13. Silly POLL: what section should Jag/LR threads be in?

    The Lounge
    I was moving some car threads out of the LOUNGE** & wondered: what section should Jag/LR threads be in? [ ] European Competition [ ] Asian Competition [ ] Competition News (cop out, imho) [ ] Diablo's Den (an old FomocoNews section) [ ] leave them in the LOUNGE [ ] delete them (we don't need...
  14. 1st Annual Lincoln-NAIAS Smilie Poll

    The Lounge
    in 'honor' of the debut of the MKC, here's FiN's FIRST-Annual Lincoln-NAIAS Smilie Poll How do you feel about FoMoCo's handling of Lincoln now? [ ]. it's GREAT! [ ] ."what a difference a day makes..." (dance) [ ] .... happy [ ] .... s'ok [ ] .:toetap: ....Hurry UP! [ ] . ..confused [ ]...
  15. Your Mayan 'death car' choice (sort of a Poll)

    The Lounge
    tick... tick... tick... If you could have *any* vehicle to drive for the next 3-4 days, you know until the Mayan-predicted End Of The World, but only ONE Vehicle; WHAT WOULD IT BE? (pix optional)
  16. the CD4+3 Fwd+Rwd Poll

    Ford Car Discussion
    maybe a crazy idea but since the coming larger/wider CD4+3 version of the FusionMondeoS-MaxGalaxyEdgeMKX's CD4 platform will be part of what looks like it's going to be the most widely proliferated architecture in the world-according-to-Ford, and since that level of shared-co$t profitability...
  17. Olympic Uniforms POLL

    The Lounge
    What do you think should be done about the Ralph Lauren MADE-IN-CHINA uniforms? [ ] have the Olympic athletes wear them this time [ ] switch to one of the IN-America Mfgs who can provide them in time [ ] let the athletes wear their own clothes [ ] uniforms? we don't need no stinking uniforms...
  18. the HOW MUCH *should* a C-Max Energi COST? Poll

    Ford Car Discussion
    Since we've recently learned the Focus Electric is priced at $40k, and many online Ford fans aren't happy about that, and since that's about the same price of GM's VOLT, and since Ford's C-Max Energi (CMxE) will be a similar type of range-extending hybrid; Let's vote for what pricetag it SHOULD...
  19. Indy500 POLL: when will a Lincoln be the PaceCar?

    The Lounge
    when will a Lincoln be the Indy500 pacecar? [ ] 2012 [ ] 2013 [ ] 2014 [ ] 2015 [ ] 2016 [ ] 2017 [ ] 2018 [ ] 2019 [ ] 2020/+ [ ] never extra credit: and what model will it be? • the rumored supercar • a Mustang-based 3-series alternative • a GRwdP Continental • a MKsomething? - NOT...
  20. May 'Sweeps': best selling US vehicles POLL

    The Lounge
    I miss having Polls and thought this could be an interesting one... ...what with new models and disturbed supply chains. Which Mfg will gain the most May vs April? note: only way I could figure to make this a Poll is to total the sales of the Top 20 by Mfg - non-Top-20 gains will not be...