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  1. New Camaro said to drop 200 pounds!

    General Motors Discussion
    The current Mustang gained some girth, last I read the GT was less than 100 pounds lighter than the current SS so if true this will flip the script plus a few pounds. A hundred pounds either way isn't a game changer, but it is always better to be fighting less weight than more...
  2. Lightweight Ford Fusion that weighs 900 pounds lighter

    Ford Car Discussion
    Ford is headed in the right direction with its new lightweight cars, hope this tech will trickle down to their performance vehicles. From the article: The Lightweight Concept started life as a 2013 Ford Fusion, but lost 25% of its weight through the use of high-strength steel, aluminum...
  3. 2015 Ford Mustang Gains ??? Pounds Over Outgoing Model

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Say it isn't so! According to a blog entry from Ford tuner Steeda, the all-new Stang is heavier than the outgoing model by 200 to 300 pounds on average. Official specs of the 2015 Ford Mustang haven't been released yet, therefore this kind of info should be treated as a rumor. More at link...
  4. 2015 Ford Mustang to Shed 400 Pounds

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Jason Siu Aug 14, 6:20 PM AutoGuide When the 2015 Ford Mustang surfaces, not only will it feature an independent rear suspension and a turbocharged engine, it could weigh as much as 400 pounds less than the current model. The current Ford Mustang V6 weighs in at 3,523 pounds with an automatic...
  5. Ford Plans Carbon Fiber Future to Help Shed Up to 750 Pounds Per Car

    Ford Corporate News
    Colum Wood Apr 12 AutoGuide Already several years into a switch to more efficient EcoBoost engines, the next big move for the Ford Motor Company in the fight to reach increasingly strict fuel economy targets is to significantly reduce the weight of its vehicles. To help meet those goals the...
  6. 2009 Ford F-150 officially tows 11,300 pounds

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Autoblog 2009 Ford F-150 officially tows 11,300 pounds The pickup truck market may have run out of steam, but the 2009 Ford F-150 can haul an 11,300-lb trailer full of coal if the need ever arises. The next F-150 will keep its light duty pickup towing title when it hits showroom floors in...