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  1. Ford to expand Stop-Start tech to conventional powered cars, CUVs in NA

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD TO EXPAND FUEL-SAVING START-STOP TECHNOLOGY FROM HYBRIDS TO CONVENTIONAL CARS, CROSSOVERS Ford Media •Ford’s Auto Start-Stop system will be available for North American cars and utilities in 2012 •Ford’s Auto Start-Stop system boosts city fuel economy between 4 and 10 percent •Since 2004...
  2. India’s Air Powered Contraption

    The Lounge
    India’s Air Powered Contraption Air powered car made of carbon fiber and held together by glue. By Ndwariga FoMoCoNews.Com Contributor Published Thursday, May 31, 2007 An Indian Company called MDI has partnered with India’s Tata, the sub-continents largest automaker to produce the first...
  3. Ford Media: Ford Delivers First Ultra Clean Hydrogen Powered Buses To U.s. Customers

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    FORD DELIVERS FIRST ULTRA CLEAN HYDROGEN POWERED BUSES TO U.S. CUSTOMERS Ford is the world’s first automaker to deliver commercial vehicles, powered by internal combustion engines that are fueled exclusively with hydrogen. The buses will be used as passenger shuttles at the Greater Orlando...