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  1. Spied: Pre-Production 2015 Ford Transits

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spied: Pre-Production 2015 Ford Transits These pre-production 2015 Ford Transit vans were spotted in Colorado waiting for some high altitude road tests. Seen here are two of a multiple versions that will be available: a long wheelbase high roof passenger setup and a shorter cargo version with...
  2. Porsche 918 spyder pre-production version

    European Competition
  3. EvFocus/Energi pre-production changes?

    Ford Car Discussion
    some new pix of the EvFocus & Energi have surfaced on NetCarShow that seem to show pre-production changes - a much smaller 'grille' on the Ev and - different foglite styling on the Energi first Ev: 'new' EV: first Energi: 'new' Energi: (had to check old-saved pix to be sure which-is-which...
  4. Astra Hatch Reach Pre-Production?

    General Motors Discussion