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  1. 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Pricing Confirmed

    Mustang Discussion
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  2. Lincoln Announces Pricing for Presidential Series in China

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln Announces Pricing for the MKZ & MKC Lincoln Presidential Series in China Lincoln Mar-27-2015 3:20 AM ET ​SHANGHAI, China — Lincoln, an iconic luxury automotive brand for discerning individuals with a heritage linked to presidents, royalty and movie stars, has officially announced the...
  3. 2015 Ford Edge holds line on pricing, starts at $28,100

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    The Ford Edge gets an updated platform, bolder styling and a standard 2.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine pumping out 245 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque for the 2015 model year. You might expect that all those new features would result in a big price bump, but you'd be wrong. Ford is...

    Ford Brand News - Global
    ALL-NEW FORD MONDEO PRICING ANNOUNCED Worldcarfans PETROL, DIESEL AND FIRST MONDEO HYBRID IN DEALERSHIPS FROM OCTOBER - All-new Ford Mondeo mid- and high-series models available to order; further variants and powertrains launch early 2015 - New suspension and steering enhance refinement and...
  5. 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban Pricing Announced

    Competition News
    2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban Pricing Announced autoevolution General Motors has released full pricing information for the brand new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban SUVs. Scheduled to arrive in dealerships across the United States this spring, the former will be priced from $45,890, while...
  6. Lincoln Announces Price/Trim Levels For MKC

    Lincoln Brand News
    LINCOLN ANNOUNCES PRICING FOR ALL-NEW SMALL PREMIUM MKC Lincoln > Suggested retail pricing for 2015 Lincoln MKC starts at $33,995, including destination and delivery > Three trim levels available when Lincoln MKC goes on sale next year > Lincoln MKC introduces Lincoln Experiences with...
  7. Fiesta ST pricing revealed at Chicago

    Ford Brand News - Global
    This is from a post at GMI. It seemed worth sharing with those that may be in the market for a Fiesta ST and haven't seen any official pricing info online. ...MEANWHILE at the Ford booth, they have BOTH a Fiesta ST (197 hp 1.6T) starting in the very low $20K range and a Focus ST (252 hp 2.0T)...
  8. Ford Releases UK Pricing on New 247hp Focus ST Hatchback and Estate Models

    Ford Brand News - Global
    MAY 28, 2012 Carscoop The new Ford Focus ST goes on sale in the UK from 1st of June with first deliveries scheduled for September. The hottest and fastest iteration of the current Focus series will be available in Britain in two body styles, a five-door hatchback priced from £21,995 on the...
  9. McLaren MP4-12C US pricing announced

    Competition News
    McLaren MP4-12C pricing announced (US) By Michael Gauthier January 22, 2011 Worldcarfans McLaren has announced the MP4-12C will be priced from $229,000 (excluding a $2,400 delivery fee) when it goes on sale in the United States this summer. While it certainly isn't cheap, the MSRP falls on...
  10. 2011 Ford C-MAX and C-MAX Grand Pricing Announced in the UK

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford today announced pricing on the all-new Focus-based five-seater C-MAX MPV and its seven-seater sibling, the C-MAX Grand, which will go on sale in the UK this October (U.S. sales of this model will start in late 2011). Both will be offered in a simplified two trim line-up (Zetec and Titanium)...
  11. 2011 Nissan Juke Engine Output, Fuel Economy, Pricing Released

    Ford Corporate News
    Nissan’s new entry into the small-crossover segment, the 2011 Juke, marks the U.S. debut of the company’s small turbocharged engine. Filling in the blanks from our first drive of the funky little thing, Nissan has released more information on the Juke’s powertrain and equipment levels. There are...
  12. Ford's Secret Profit Weapon -- Better Pricing ...TheStreet

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford's Secret Profit Weapon -- Better Pricing - By Rafi Mohammed 07/30/10 - 10:20 AM EDT Ford's(F) recent second-quarter pre-tax operating profits of $2.9 billion -- its best results in six years -- were recently announced with a "you ain't seen nothing yet" sense of optimism...
  13. Mercury Milan pricing announced.

    Mercury Discussion
    "When the 2010 Ford Fusion and 2010 Mercury Milan launch this month, they'll be priced at $19,995 and $21,905, respectively, Ford Motor Co announced today. A hybrid version of both produces mpg ratings of 41 city and 36 mpg highway -- the best in its class. To boot, buyers of either are eligible...
  14. Employee Pricing

    Mercury Discussion
    Have you notice a couple things missing in the Mercury employee pricing ad? It's the "where is the Sable and G.M. cars in the ad". One would think that there are only 2 vehicles in the Mercury lineup. As long as the Sable and G.M. are still in the lineup, shouldn't they be included in the...
  15. 2010 Ford Mustang GT pricing and options leak out

    Mustang Discussion
    2010 Ford Mustang GT pricing and options leak out
  16. GM returns to employee pricing to lift sales -

    General Motors Discussion
    Saw a un-sourced thread about this a couple days ago at GMI, but now... - GM returns to employee pricing to lift sales Monday August 18, 3:34 pm ET By Soyoung Kim and Kevin Krolicki DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Corp (NYSE:GM - News), aiming to boost sagging sales, rolled...
  17. 2008 Focus Pricing Announced - <$14.6K

    Ford Car Discussion Standard content on the 2008 Ford Focus includes: 2.0-liter Duratec 20 4-cylinder engine (140 hp and 136 lb.-ft torque) In states that have adopted California emissions rules, every Focus qualifies as a Partial Zero...