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  1. NHTSA Opens Probe Into 2014 Chevrolet Impala Over Braking Issues

    Competition News
    the NHTSA has begun an investigation into the 2014 Chevrolet Impala over possible braking issues more below
  2. Toyota: $1.2BILLion to settle criminal probe - USA Today

    Asian Competition
    Toyota to pay $1.2B to settle criminal probe - USATODAY Chris Woodyard, and Kevin Johnson March 19, 2014 The Justice Department announced Wednesday that Toyota will pay $1.2 billion to settle a criminal probe of its handling of the reports of unintended acceleration in its vehicles and...
  3. vid: 1988 Ford Probe GT Road Test

    Ford Car Discussion
    Buy American for Japanese quality. The Probe was officially launched in North America on May 12 1988. Originally, Ford intended to replace the venerable Mustang with the Probe. However, the Mustangs continued sales success and its numerous fans dissuaded Ford form pulling the Mustang off the...
  4. '88 Probe Design Notes - AutosOfInterest

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    Design Notes: 1988 Ford Probe - by Mike (aka "Syclone478") on October 20, 2012 at 5:58 am Deprived but not disowned - Although it was groomed since birth to be America’s quintessential free roaming horse, the Mustang, it lost its stride and took on a less vaunted title...
  5. U.S. regulators open safety probe into Chrysler 200, Ford Explorer

    Automotive Industry News
    June 22, 2012 Automotive News DETROIT (Reuters) - U.S. safety regulators opened two separate safety investigations into Chrysler Group's 200 sedan due to complaints of engine stalling and Ford Motor Co.'s Explorer SUV for steering problems. Both vehicles are for the model year 2011. The two...
  6. Ford Fusion wheel part could be subject of NHTSA probe

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Fusion wheel part could be subject of NHTSA probe Automotive News January 25, 2011 DETROIT (Reuters) -- U.S. safety regulators said today they have opened a preliminary investigation into a potential problem with wheel studs on 2010 Ford Motor Co. Fusion models. The hot-selling family...
  7. U.S. safety agency expands probe of Ford Windstar for corrosion

    Ford Brand News - Global
    U.S. safety agency expands probe of Ford Windstar for corrosion Automotive News -- December 22, 2010 - 6:33 pm ET WASHINGTON -- U.S. auto safety officials upgraded a probe into Ford Windstar minivans following a raft of new complaints about corrosion in the vehicles. The National Highway...
  8. Report: NHTSA expands Ford Windstar corrosion probe to front subframes

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Filed under: Minivan/Van, Government/Legal, Recalls, Safety, Ford The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has opened a second investigation into 1999-2003 Ford Windstar minivans. The new probe has arisen amidst reports of front subframe corrosion that can cause the vehicle...
  9. Dairy farmers call for industry probe

    Diablo's Den
    MADISON, Wis. -- Dairy farmers large and small from all over the country urged federal regulators Friday to investigate their industry and help determine why the prices that they're paid for milk aren't keeping pace with what consumers are charged at the store. More...
  10. Honda's 444,000 recall & NHTSA Probe - Autoblog

    Asian Competition
    Honda airbag recall timing - Autoblog by Jeremy Korzeniewski on Nov 9th 2009 at 4:30PM Over the last year, Honda has recalled roughly 444,000 vehicles to repair overpressurized airbag inflators in certain 2001-2002 Honda Accord, 2001 Civic and 2002-2003 Acura TL models. According to the...