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  1. Is Carbon Buildup a Problem With Direct Injection Engines?

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    For all the details on this story, Is Carbon Buildup a Problem With Direct-Injection Engines? please visit
  2. New GLE Coupe is Mercedes' Solution to its BMW X6 Problem

    Competition News
    New GLE Coupe is Mercedes' Solution to its BMW X6 Problem The GLE Coupe sits on the same chassis as the facelifted ML, but with modified suspension, steering and electronic systems to improve handling and feel. The crossover model is 4,900mm long, 2,003mm wide and 1,731mm tall, with a...
  3. Problem with Reese hitch system in F-450

    Ford Truck Discussion
    I bought a new f-450 in 2012 with a fancy Reese gooseneck hitch system and the drop-in "pucks" for attaching safety chains have openings too small to accommodate a hook or chain big enough to be of any use on a large trailer. The first time I used the truck with a trailer I cobbled together a...
  4. Ford Falcon gearbox problem...?

    FoMoCo Engineering
    Been having a few issues with the gearbox im using, not sure what box it is but it was in car when bought the shell and it had a series1 setup. basicly it sometimes popped out of the bottom gears randomly, and tonight ive been out init and now lost my third gear?? will go in all other but 3rd...
  5. One Ford…And One Small Problem

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    One Ford…And One Small Problem Written by: Angus MacKenzie on October 24 2012 10:00 AM I hear Ford is again considering building a four-door car off the Mustang platform. This idea has been floating around the Glass House for years, but...
  6. Safety group: Ford should be fined for not reporting Escape throttle problem sooner

    Ford Corporate News
    By Nat Shirley Friday, Jul 27th, 2012 LLN The Center for Automotive Safety is calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to fine Ford for alleged wrongdoing in relation to yesterday’s Escape unintended acceleration recall. The non-profit consumer safety group claims that Ford...
  7. Subaru stops sales on three 2012 nameplates for brake problem

    Competition News
    Subaru stops sales on three 2012 nameplates for brake problem By: Richard Johnson December 1, 2011 Automotive News TOKYO -- Subaru of America stopped the sale of 2012 Impreza, Legacy and Outback models on Friday, Nov. 25, following customer complaints about increased brake pedal travel...
  8. AP Sources: Parts problem hurts Ford Focus sales

    Ford Brand News - Global
    AP Sources: Parts problem hurts Ford Focus sales Tom Krisher July 28, 2011 Yahoo DETROIT (AP) -- Ford can't make enough Focus cars to keep up with rising demand because of equipment problems that have caused a shortage of dashboards, two people familiar with the situation told The Associated...
  9. Ford expedition problem

    Ford Car Discussion
    I'm having problem with my ford expedition, I think my head gasket has blown. what to do?
  10. Problem with MyFord Touch - HELP!

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    The controls on the right spoke of the steering wheel stopped working at about 4500 miles - I can't adjust the screen to the right of the speedo, scan whatever stereo component I'm listening to, or adjust the volume of the entertainment system. Thankfully it was stuck on the nav screen while I...
  11. Cold Weather No Problem for Ford Focus Electric

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Let It Snow: Cold Weather No Problem for Ford Focus Electric’s Liquid-Heated Battery System Ford Press Release Ford’s use of an advanced active liquid-cooling and heating system to regulate the temperature of its lithium-ion battery packs in Focus Electric will provide customers in cold and...
  12. Ford Recalling over 460,000 Windstar minivans on Rear Axle Problem

    Ford Corporate News
    After approximately 950 complaints, Ford has announced that it will recall 462,750 (according to NHTSA's announcement) 1998-2003 Windstar minivans for those faulty axles we told you about back in May (read more here). The Blue Oval will target vehicles that were sold or are registered in the...
  13. Ford Recalling 575,000 Windstar Minivans for Rear Axle Problem

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford is issuing a voluntary recall of 575,000 1998-2003 Windstar minivans because of rear axle rust. More...
  14. Volvo Recalling 500 Cars for Shifter Problem

    European Competition
    Volvo is recalling 2010 S40 and V50 models and 2010-11 C30 compact cars. More...
  15. 2005 Mustang E-brake problem.

    Mustang Discussion
    Hey I'm having serious issues with my e-brake when it is cold outside. Seems that the rear brakes stay locked when I release the e-brake and now my rotors are shot as well as pads. I was stupid and didn't do anything about it once it happened. So now I'm paying for it. My driver-side rear...
  16. Shedding some light on a common Prius problem

    Asian Competition
    Well, What can I say? See Link HERE for full details
  17. How to solve Detroits problem today

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    As an investor who follows Detroit carefully and is well versed with their balance sheets, I know exactly how to solve their financial woes. Instead of offering loan guarantees, Congress could simply allow the companies to pull VEBA agreements with unions forward to December 1, 2008, and make...
  18. Fords Good Problem: Making Enough Small Cars

    Ford Car Discussion
    Ford's good problem: making enough small cars Automaker has no plans for additional plant closings Craig Trudell Automotive News | May 30, 2008 - 5:25 pm EST DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. is mulling its options on how to make enough small cars to meet customer demand. Those options include...
  19. Ford detects brake problem

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Andra Jackson, The Sydney Morning Herald, 25/05/07 The Ford Motor company is replacing brake hoses on its popular BF and BA Falcon models Australia-wide after a brake durability problem was detected. Owners of the models are being asked to bring their cars into Ford dealerships "as a matter...