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  1. New 2015 Mustang GT - Bad transmission and Paint at 244 miles! Please help!

    Mustang Discussion
    I recently purchased a brand new 2015 Mustang GT 5.0 (with 32 miles on it) and when I brought it home I noticed the door brushed against the front fender when I opened it which caused paint damage. It seems the front fender had been misaligned (Youtube video below). So I took it to a local...
  2. Homologation and Other Problems Delay New Ford Mondeo Production Start in Europe

    Ford Brand News - Global
    JULY 11, 2012 Carscoop When Ford premiered the all-new 2013 Fusion sedan at the Detroit Motor Show this past January, the Blue Oval also released two images of the car's European sibling, the next Mondeo in pre-production form. At the time, Ford told us that the new Mondeo would go on sale...
  3. Ford fixes its own problems - DetroitNews

    Ford Corporate News
    THANKS to Simon-says Ford fixes its own problems - DetroitNewsBryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News Last Updated: November 25. 2009 1:00AM For Ford Motor Co., the past year really has been the best of times and the worst of times. Like the rest of the auto industry, Ford sales plummeted...
  4. Camaro Problems?

    General Motors Discussion
    I saw a new Mustang coming off a truck 2 weeks ago and I thought it looked great. Maybe it's wrong to wish the Camaro, which is getting all the hype, to fall short but I saw these articles that might show it's stumbling. With Ford's constant improvement in quality--and never abandoning the...
  5. Lexus Problems

    Asian Competition
  6. Ford, GM Conference Calls: Same Problems, Different Outlook

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Seeking Alpha Ford, GM Conference Calls: Same Problems, Different Outlook November 10, 2008 SA Editor Judy Weil Everyone's eye is on the automotive industry reports that came out last week. While the overall news is bad, there are differences in the two companies outlook. On Ford’s Q308...
  7. Volt: battery is the least of GM's Problems

    General Motors Discussion
    Chevy Volt: Traveling Public Roads and Hitting Its Mark
  8. Volvo recalls 56,000 cars over faulty airbags, engine problems

    European Competition
    Volvo recalls 56,000 cars over faulty airbags, engine problems STOCKHOLM (AFP) — The Swedish automaker Volvo, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, said Thursday it had recalled a total of 56,000 cars worldwide due to two separate problems linked to airbags and engines. Some 18,000 Volvo V70...