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  1. Volvo moving upscale to boost profits

    Competition News
    Volvo moving upscale to boost profits Leftlanenews By Ronan Glon Sunday, May 18th, 2014 China-based Volvo parent company Geely has announced the Swedish automaker will move up a notch on the market in order to go head-to-head against well-known players like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. "We...
  2. Big Costs Hit Ford Motor Company's Profits Hard

    Ford Corporate News
    By John Rosevear April 25, 2014 Motley Fool
  3. MKZ pushes Lincoln dealer profits up

    Lincoln Discussion
    MKZ pushes Lincoln dealer profits up DetroitNews A profitable new MKZ sedan boosted Lincoln dealer profits last year, despite the lowest number of cars and SUVs sold in recent history. Sales of Lincoln vehicles overall fell 0.6 percent in 2013 to 81,694. But a 15 percent rise in sales of the...
  4. 2015 F-150 launch to curb Ford profits?

    Ford Truck Discussion
    2015 F-150 launch to curb Ford profits? Ford is making a big bet on aluminum with its new 2015 F-150, and it's possible that the decision will hurt the company financially, at least in the short term. After earning a record $8.6 billion in 2013, the Blue Oval does not expect to set another...
  5. Ford shares falling on news of lower-than-expected profits next year

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford shares falling on news of lower-than-expected profits next year Ford has released projections for its 2013 profits, along with predictions of its 2014 earnings, and the news has forced the company's stock to stumble, falling over seven percent as of this writing. The Blue Oval is...
  6. Honda isn’t making any profits on models imported into the US: CFO

    Automotive Industry News
    By Paul Rachwal Jun 11th, 2012 LLN Honda Motor Company is carefully monitoring and allocating shipments of its cars built in Japan and imported into the US because it’s losing money on them, Chief Financial Officer Fumihiko Ike said. These include the Fit hatchback and the CR-Z and Insight...
  7. Ford expects Fusion to grab profits without Camry's crown

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford expects Fusion to grab profits without Camry's crown Keith Naughton January 24, 2012 Automotive News DETROIT (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally has suggested that his stylish new Fusion sedan is seeking sales supremacy over Toyota Motor Corp.'s Camry.That's not exactly what...
  8. Ford Australia posts back-to-back profits

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Australia posts back-to-back profits $25 million profit announced by Ford Oz for 2010 as it battles to fix Falcon flood By RON HAMMERTON 20 May 2011 FORD Australia today announced its second consecutive annual profit, turning in a $24.9 million after-tax result for 2010 –...
  9. Technology Driving Ford Profits

    Ford Corporate News
    TECHNOLOGY DRIVING FORD PROFITS LeftLane News By Drew Johnson The Big Three have historically relied on big cars and trucks to boost profits, but at least one of the Detroit automakers is turning to technology to improve its bottom line. Ford has recently established itself as a leader in...
  10. How GM and Ford profits compare

    FIN Headline News
    How GM and Ford profits compare GM might have earned $1.3 billion during the April-June period, but that's half as much as crosstown rival Ford Motor, which may have more than three times as much debt but also has a longer track record as a profitable automaker. As GM reports continued...
  11. Freep's Opinions Regarding Ford Profits

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    We're in the process of moving from the very difficult times we've been through to growing the business," Booth said. That included more than $30 billion in losses from 2006 to 2008; a 43% reduction in the North American work force, to 70,000, and the shuttering of 14 assembly and parts plants...
  12. Ford, GM load up small cars for bigger profits - Automotive News

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    GM, Ford load up small cars for bigger profits - Jamie LaReau and Chrissie Thompson Automotive News -- January 18, 2010 - 12:01 am ET DETROIT -- At the Detroit auto show, General Motors and Ford revealed their comeback strategy for small cars: Adorn them with features seldom seen...
  13. Ford is on track: sales up, market share up and profits in october!

    Ford Corporate News
    Wow! What a beautiful 3er quarter for Ford: 1.- Profits: almost 1 billion ! 2.- Market share in USA : still growing 3.- Sales for october: up 3% compared with a year ago ! here the link...
  14. NYT: At GM, Innovation Sacrificed to Profits

    General Motors Discussion
    The New York Times At GM, Innovation Sacrificed to Profits By MICHELINE MAYNARD Published: December 5, 2008 General Motors did not apologize for anything in its first trip to Congress more than two weeks ago to plead for a federal rescue. The company’s only problem, it insisted, was the...
  15. Nissan Profits take Significant hit

    Asian Competition
    Nissan's profit drops 43 percent on rising yen TOKYO (AP) -- Nissan Motor Co. said Friday its net profit for the April-June quarter dropped 42.8 percent, hit by a rising yen and accounting provisions for the declining value of leased vehicles. Japan's third-largest automaker said net profit...
  16. Maker of Jaguar and Land Rover sees profits double

    European Competition
    FORD’S Premier Automotive Group has revealed record first quarter results for 2007. Figures announced yesterday show a pre-tax profit for the division that includes both Jaguar and Land Rover totals $402m (£201m), compared with $152m (£76m) for the same period last year. The Jaguar X-type and...