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  1. the Emperor('s) new mid-engine VETTE(ments)

    General Motors Discussion
    Project Emperor?... ...mid-engine 2019 Corvette Autoblog Greg Migliore - Image Credit: KGP Photography - September 15, 2016 Car and Driver reports that the mid-engine Corvette will have a Tremec-sourced dual-clutch transmission. The story goes: Tremec bought Belgian supplier Hoerbiger...
  2. Electric Mobility Project ‘colognE-mobil’ Gathers Pace

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Electric Mobility Project ‘colognE-mobil’ Gathers Pace Ford May-15-2014 11:00 AM ET COLOGNE, Germany - The electric mobility project colognE-mobil is increasing its public visibility in Cologne with a special colognE-mobil liveried tram run by the city’s public transport services KVB. Ford is...
  3. Ultimate Auto Super Snake Project

    Mustang Discussion
    Ultimate Auto Super Snake Project
  4. Is Tesla's next project an F-150 competitor? [w/poll]

    "Other" American Automakers Discussion
    Is Tesla's next project an F-150 competitor? [w/poll] What's the future look like for Tesla after it launches the Model X CUV and possibly a smaller, sub-Model S sedan? Would you believe a pickup truck? Yes, Tesla could be looking to use its EV know-how to take the fight to Ford and the F-150...
  5. Ford+Dow CarbonFiber JV Project with Raj Nair - AutolineDetroit

    FoMoCo Engineering
    Raj Nair, VP Product Development: Ford + Dow CarbonFiber JV Project & other stuff - AutolineDetroit along with Mark Phelan, The Detroit Free Press; Tony Swan, Hearst Magazines; and of course John McElroy, host Internet Premiere - Friday, 8/24 @ 11:30am ET Detroit Public TV - Sunday, 8/26 @...
  6. F-150 Hybrid Planned as Joint Ford-Toyota Project

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Nick Dasko Aug 16 AutoGuide “The nut we’re trying to crack is how do we do an F-150 hybrid,” an unnamed Ford engineer told Ward’s Auto. The new truck would compete against GM’s Chevrolet Silvervado and GMC Sierra hybrid trucks. The partnership deal signed between Ford and Toyota last year is...
  7. MWDesign Project Slingshot for BMW Z4 (E89)

    European Competition
    Check out this new tuning package for the E89 BMW Z4 from Canadian tuners MWDesign. The story and photos inside. More...
  8. Could Ford and Chrysler be working together on a project???

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Could Ford and Chrysler be working together on a project Hi guys I was out and about earlier today and I happened to spot this F-250 Diesel tester. The mystery regarding this tester though is that i first spotted it at Chrysler Tech Center (odd place for a ford tester of any kind to...
  9. Project M - Ford's Electric Car

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Detroit Goes for Electric Cars, but Will Drivers? - NYT By BILL VLASIC Published: January 10, 2009 DEARBORN, Mich. — Inside the Ford Motor Company, it was called Project M — to build a prototype of a totally electric, battery-powered car in just six months. When it was started last summer...
  10. Project Raptor:Off-Road Version of the New F-150

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Project Raptor:Off-Road Version of the New F-150 The hard-core off-roaders at Four Wheeler Magazine have gotten the low down on a skunk works project at Ford to build and sell an uber off-road version of the new F-150 to the public that could make the already capable FX4 edition look like a...
  11. The Official design project (No.1)

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Welcome folks, to our new design contest! The goal this time is to create the next Ford Model-T (so basically a cheap to own/operate/repair car for developing countries that has an iconic look). Here's a picture of the Model-T for reference: (Though it'd be quite hard to chop it, so it's just...
  12. Jag fans begin petition to restart the F-Type project

    European Competition Back in 2000, Ford Motor Company was swimming in SUV cash and Jaguar looked poised for a big-time turnaround. Excitement for the brand grew when the Concept F-Type was shown at the 2000 North American International Auto Show. Executive...
  13. Volvo Starts Swedish Hybrid Driver Project

    European Competition
    The Swedish Energy Agency has granted SEK 9.8m (£ 715,000 approx) in financial support to AB Volvo for a project within the development of new hybrid technology for heavy vehicles. The project comprises development and testing of hybrid technology in two refuse collection trucks in Gothenburg...