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  1. Ford Pursues Blast-Proof Vehicles Contracts

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Pursues Blast-Proof Vehicles Contracts By Roxana Tiron and Brendan McGarry January 12, 2012 Bloomberg Ford Motor Co. (F) is leading a push by commercial-truck makers to challenge defense contractors for a potential $54 billion in work replacing U.S. military Humvees with blast-proof...
  2. GM Now Pursues Partners

    General Motors Discussion
    In Shift, GM Now Pursues Partners The Wall Street Journal By SHARON TERLEP PARIS—General Motors Co. has begun seeking out potential partnerships and tie-ups with other auto makers in hopes of cutting costs and sharing the burden of developing new technologies. The move signals a significant...
  3. Should Mercury step aside as Ford Motor Company pursues global brands?

    Lincoln Discussion
    Here is what was said, courtesy of Blue Oval Link : I would certainly love to hear what everyone thinks about this subject.