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  1. Ford Feels Push to Return to Midsize Trucks

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Feels Push to Return to Midsize Trucks Ranger, Bronco SUV possible as rivals nab sales Automotive News | August 29,2015 Ford has said the Ranger is too close to the F-150, but dealers say a gap has opened. DETROIT — Nobody buys small pickups anymore. Nobody wants a truck-based SUV...
  2. Dealers Push for Lexus to Add Luxury Van to Lineup

    Asian Competition
    Dealers Push for Lexus to Add Luxury Van to Lineup The high society in Asia love to be chauffeured around, and while the Lexus LS flagship sedan and the old-school Toyota Century limo do that quite well, Asian executives and aristocrats want something with much more room, and of course, style...
  3. Renault mulls upscale brands, emerging-market push amid Europe downturn

    Competition News
    June 19, 2012 Automotive News PARIS -- Renault is considering adding two upscale brands and further expanding in emerging markets to decrease the automaker's reliance on Europe's shrinking volume car market, Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares said. The automaker may revive the Alpine...
  4. Ford furthers Asia push in India and Thailand

    Ford Corporate News
    MUMBAI, India- Ford is furthering its push into Asia, announcing plans for eight new vehicle models in India and a $350-million investment with partner Mazda in their pickup truck plant in Thailand. More...
  5. WSJ:Toyota Tries to push Tundra with Cash on Hood

    Asian Competition
    Toyota Motor Corp. says some of its dealers are offering as much as a $1,500 discount on the basic work truck version of Toyota's newly redesigned Tundra truck, just barely one month after it went on sale. The discount for the Texas-built large truck reflects the intense competition in this...