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  1. Mustang Discussion
    I have 4 ford hubcaps from the 60's that I think were for a Mustang, possibly Galaxie or Falcon. 2 of them are made a little differently than the other 2, and they are about an inch taller (when laying on ground. I assumed these were maybe front and rear, since they same guy sold all 4 to me...
  2. Suggest A News Article
    Advertised performance numbers, are they legit? HP% before and after, with air filters? Octane boost improvements? Performance Mufflers? Catalytic converter removal before and after result's? How flexible is the stock computer? Finally, will it compensate for small changes That I have listed...
  3. Competition News
    Daimler, Bosch question Tesla's go-it-alone plan for German EV charging network Automotivenews Tesla says sales of its Model S have been hurt by Europe's limited charging infrastructure. Daimler has joined German supplier Robert Bosch in questioning Tesla's decision to build a network of...
  4. Ford Car Discussion
    Will it be offered with a dual clutch auto in the near future? Or at least in 3 years when I trade?
  5. Wheels & Tires
    I'm just wondering guys if there is a site out there I can check for a set of rim. Thanks
  6. Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Ford has barely been moving half of what it predicted at the low end of annual Flex sales. However, since its platform is so spread out through the FoMoCo portfolio, the Flex helps spread some costs around while giving Ford a big people-mover. But there's more to the Flex than just being a box...
  7. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ask @Ford @ Geneva! Have a question you'd like Ford to answer from the motor show in Geneva this year? We will sort through the submitted questions and answer as many as we can from this years motor show at Geneva. Please use this on-line form: to submit your...
  8. Ford Truck Discussion
    Does anyone know if the 2009 F-150 3V 4.6L and 6-speed ATX are the same as those used in the 2006-2008 Explorer? If it is not, are they using that new, or newly revised, version from the F150 in the 2009 Explorer/Sport Trac too? Going by the most recent order guide for the '09 Explorer it...
  9. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I got a bit rattled after the whole discussion about the MKS-Insideline review and that got me thinking on why is it that we participate in this particular message board. What is it about Ford that makes you come day after day to FoMoCo News? I though it would be an interesting question to ask...
  10. Ford Truck Discussion
    How many of you on here drive a Ford truck? How many have you had in the past, and what were they? I currently drive a 2008 F150 King Ranch My previous trucks were a 1998 Ranger, 1998 F150 Lariat, and a 2001 Lariat. I have been a Ford truck man my whole life, and it will continue in the future.
  11. Ford Car Discussion
    So i know the 08' Explorer has one (is it on all models or just Eddie Bauer and Limited)? Now the thing i really wanna know is if this feature will be on the New MKS and Flex, im just assuming any all new or re-done vehicles will have this Finally, i saw this on Top Gear so its british, but...
  12. Vintage Ford Discussion
    I have a question When I saw the Interceptor, it's rear window treatment reminded me of a production large Ford (Galaxie? LTD?) that used that angled/facetted trapezoid shape - the glass is what I'm talking about: where the sides have angles in blending into the plane of the C-pillar instead of...
  13. Mercury Discussion
    Will the MKR be builded, I went to the Lincoln page and its on the Future vehicles screen next to the MKS and if I read somewhere if they will builded is going to be a 2011 model
1-13 of 17 Results