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  1. 2016 Lincoln MKX Quick Drive - Consumer Reports

    Lincoln Discussion
  2. CrunkedRL's Quick Chop of the 2013 Ford Fusion

    Ford Car Discussion
    It should go without saying that I really like the looks of the new Fusion. The overall design gave me some inspiration for creating a coupe based upon the sleek looks of the sedan. Let me know what you guys think:D BTW does anyone know of a way that I can insert an image without you having...
  3. quick Question for Rim

    Wheels & Tires
    I'm just wondering guys if there is a site out there I can check for a set of rim. Thanks
  4. Quick Spin: 2011 Ford Edge EcoBoost

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Quick Spin: 2011 Ford Edge EcoBoost Same New Skin, Big New Heart Autoblog by Jeff Glucker Jan 6th 2011 Can you have your cake and eat it too? Ford thinks so. The Dearborn darling is in the middle of unleashing a slew of turbocharged, direct-injection engines for its products in North...
  5. Quick Review: 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon – My Monterey Weekend “Wheels”

    General Motors Discussion
    I’ve long admired Cadillac’s Art and Science styling idiom, its razor edges blended with carefully controlled taut contours. I’ve also long been a fan of wagons. (Have I ever told you about my semi-successful autocross career in a Ford Pinto wagon? Maybe another time.) Combine these two, and...
  6. Quick Drive: 2011 Volvo S60

    European Competition
    I’ve just returned from a day driving Volvo’s latest offering – the S60 and what a revelation it is.Best balanced of the three I drove was a car you might not get in the United States, the D3 with its two-liter 161 bhp, 273 lb.-ft. of torque diesel with a six-speed manual. [...]Related posts...
  7. Ford expanding Quick Lane

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Motor Co. said today that its fast-growing Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center business is on track to reach 600 stores by the middle of next year due to growth in the United States and abroad. Quick Lane is Ford’s service center brand and is operated by Ford, Lincoln and Mercury auto...
  8. QUICK: Order a MILAN! $3,400 Tax Credit!

    Mercury Discussion
    Limited Time >> ACT Before March 31 forgive me for for putting 'MERCURY First' (and this thread in this section) but 2010 MERCURY MILAN HYBRID QUALIFIES BUYERS FOR HIGHEST AVAILABLE FEDERAL TAX CREDIT = $3,400 DEARBORN, MICH., Jan. 28, 2009 – Customers eager to purchase America’s most...
  9. Financial Times: No quick salvation in sight for GM or Chrysler

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Financial Times No quick salvation in sight for GM or Chrysler " . . . Whatever the course of the overall market, Mr [Erich] Merkle -an auto industry analist- singles out Ford as “hands-down” the most likely to excite buyers over the next few years. The new Ford Fiesta was the UK’s...
  10. Quick drive: All new '09 F150 FX4

    Member Auto Reviews
    So I spent the day at Elkhart Lake's Road America race track, for the Kohler International Challenge. Today's events were sponsored by Ford, and they had plenty of representation. Aside from numerous Mustangs and GT's on display, Ford also had a special test drive event, with much of their...
  11. Edmunds Quick Comparo:Finally a CTS that is indeed World Class

    General Motors Discussion
    Personally, I think the only new vehicle this 2008 year that is going to rival cadillac is the XF. Others fail to come close in the mid Luxury price range. This is indeed a Shocker to imports, Just as the $$ is falling FULL STORY
  12. WSJ:PAG Fire Sale Won't Be Quick

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Fire Sale Won't Be Quick Unloading Jaguar, Land Rover Brands May Take Months By STEPHEN POWER June 18, 2007; Page A18 Ford Motor Co. expects a sale of its Jaguar and Land Rover brands to take at least a month and possibly longer, as the auto giant seeks to drum up interest in the two...