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  1. 2015 Ford F-150s Crash Ratings Vary By Model: Report

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  2. 2015 Ford F-150 Safety Ratings: Five Stars for Every Body Style

    Automotive Industry News
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  3. Ford Flex: High Ratings But Low Sales

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Flex: High Ratings But Low Sales Profits, Calif. buyers keep crossover rolling Autonews The Ford Flex has a distinctive look, good reliability ratings and happy, loyal owners. It's one of only two 2015 Ford nameplates recommended by Consumer Reports, and half of Flex buyers are new to...
  4. What Are IIHS Ratings?

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  5. 2015 Lincoln MKC Misses Top Crash-Test Ratings From Feds

    Lincoln Discussion
    2015 Lincoln MKC Misses Top Crash-Test Ratings From Feds The federal government has crash-tested a 2015 Lincoln MKC, and with an Overall Rating at four stars, the model ends up short of the top echelon for compact-crossover safety. While the new 2015 MKC is closely related to the Ford Escape...
  6. IIHS Crash Test Ratings Explained

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  7. Is Ford Playing Fair With Tow Ratings?

    Ford Truck Discussion
    I came across this article at Ford, Ram in heavy-duty towing spat Is Ford playing fair, or playing fast and loose, with its claim of best in class towing? Is stripping standard equipment to reduce weight an acceptable practice or just part of the numbers race to the next "best in...
  8. Changes to Fuel Economy Ratings (merged)

    Ford Corporate News
    DEARBORN, Michigan, June 12, 2014 – Ford Motor Company announced today it is lowering the fuel economy ratings for its 2013- and 2014-model year hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, as well as most 2014-model year Fiestas. Ford identified an error with fuel economy ratings on certain vehicles...
  9. Camry, PriusV get WORST ratings in new crash test - L.A.Times

    Asian Competition
    Toyota's Camry, Prius v beaten up in crash test [slow-mo video] - L.A.Times By Jerry Hirsch December 20, 2012 Two key Toyota models, the flagship Camry sedan and the Prius v wagon, failed an important new crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an insurance industry...
  10. Breaking: EPA Outs 2013 Fusion Fuel Economy Ratings

    FIN Headline News
    The EPA officially rates the new Fusion with Ford's claimed 37 mpg rating. August 30, 2012 By: Nick Saporito Every Thursday the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releases the latest fuel economy figures for new products. The rhyme or reason behind when the new...
  11. 2013 Ford Taurus, Explorer, and Lincoln MkS Earn 5 Star Crash Ratings

    Ford Corporate News
    2013 Ford Taurus and Explorer, Lincoln MKS Earn NHTSA’s Highest NCAP Overall Vehicle Score Ford Media 2013 Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer and Lincoln MKS have earned U.S. government’s top five-star Overall Vehicle Score rating for performance in frontal and side-impact crash tests and resistance...
  12. Ford Fiesta Becomes Segment's 1st to Earn Top Safety Ratings

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Fiesta Becomes Segment's First to Earn Top Safety Ratings in World's Largest Auto Markets Ford Fiesta adds five-star safety rating in China to similar top ratings in Europe and Australia/New Zealand Fiesta reaches 1 million sales in Europe, total global sales are 1,140,000 In North...
  13. Ford F-Series Super Duty to Reclaim Best-in-Class Conventional Towing Ratings

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford F-Series Super Duty to Reclaim Best-in-Class Conventional Towing Ratings Posted by Mike Levine February 1, 2011 The 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty and GM Heavy Duty pickups were introduced a year ago, but the battle between these giants for best-in-class bragging rights...
  14. Moody Ups Ford's Credit Ratings citing strong cash flow

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford: Moody’s Ups Credit Rating; Strong Cash Flow Ahead October 8, 2010 Shares of Ford Motor (F) are up 24 cents, or 1.8%, at $13.56, after Moody’s Investors Service raised the company’s credit rating to Ba2 from B1, and improved Ford’s probability of default from “Ba2″ to...
  15. 2011 Lincoln MKX gets 19/26 MPG ratings, Ford claims best-in-class

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Hybrid, Government/Legal, Crossover, Ford, Lincoln 2011 Lincoln MKX - Click above for high-res image gallery The 2011 Lincoln MKX delivers 15 percent more horsepower (305 ponies in all) and 12 percent more torque (280 pound-feet) than the outgoing model, and that added power comes...
  16. US: Moody's raises Ford credit ratings

    Ford Corporate News
    US: Moody's raises Ford credit ratings Moody's Investors Service has announced it has raised Ford's corporate family rating and probability of default rating by one notch to 'B1' from 'B2'. Moody's also upgraded Ford Motor Credit's corporate family and senior debt ratings one notch to 'Ba3'...
  17. Fomoconews Editorial:Toyota Troubles Bring Consumer Reports Ratings into Focus.

    Asian Competition
    Fomoconews Opinion:Toyota Troubles Bring Consumer Reports Ratings into Focus. (San Diego Ca.) We are currently witnessing an unprecedented downfall of an auto company. Long the darling of quality ratings at consumer reports, Toyota’s quality reputation has been held up on a pedestal. For years...
  18. Ford Flex Hits Safety Pinnacle With 5-star Ratings

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    FORD FLEX HITS SAFETY PINNACLE WITH 5-STAR RATINGS Flex, which went on sale this summer, has a full array of standard safety equipment. Flex earns U.S. government's top 5-star crash ratings for all four front- and side-impact tests - adding to Ford's leading number of 5-star vehicles. The...
  19. Japanese Still Dominate Auto Ratings

    Asian Competition Consumer Reports Says Japanese Still Dominate Auto Ratings, but Detroit Three Improving DETROIT (AP) -- Consumer Reports' latest auto reliability and survey rankings find overall domination by Japanese automakers, strides from the...