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  1. Competition News
    2015 Acura RDX vs 2015 Lincoln MKC Compact luxury crossovers are growing in popularity and the Acura RDX is one of the hottest vehicles in the segment, selling over 40,000 units in the US last year. That’s better than the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLK or BMW X3. How does Acura manage it? The RDX is...
  2. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2013 Acura RDX drops turbo four in favor of V6 By John Neff Jan 9th 2012 Acura is calling what you see here a "prototype," but that's only technically speaking. It is, in fact, the production 2013 RDX crossover, and it's just debuted at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. This is a full...
  3. European Competition
    Just the Facts: RDX Racedesign offers a tuner kit for the VW Scirocco. The body kit includes a new front spoiler, side skirts and a rear bumper with diffuser. Pricing is over $800. ALLERSBERG, Germany — RDX Racedesign Automotive tunes a variety of vehicles, ranging from BMWs to Toyotas, and now...
1-3 of 3 Results