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  1. Lincoln Website Redesign Needed

    Lincoln Discussion
    I have been to the Lincoln website many times. Each time I go there it seems a bit of a disappointment. Not as much for the lack of new products, but of the design of the website and the quality of the photography. Even though the home page still promotes the 2013 MKZ when the 2014 is...
  2. next gen audi q7 delayed for emergency redesign

    European Competition
  3. 2014 Expedition Prediction Thread

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    I've been waiting a long time for information on the next Ford Expedition. My searches have returned the same results for the last year. In my opinion, the 2013 was a big letdown without even adding new engines. My wife wants a new vehicle and keeps talking about the Expedition (we had an 06...
  4. Any news on the next Super Duty redesign?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Curious if there's any new info on the next Super Duty. I heard 2014 is the next redesign, but curious if it will be another face lift, or total redesign this time. It's really only the F550's that interest me, and will the V10's finally get the 6 speed?
  5. Honda: Okay, We Know You Hate The New Civic, So We’ll Redesign It

    Competition News In April this year, Honda unveiled what it hoped would be the next generation of car to bear the Honda Civic badge. The ninth major revision of the Civic in its 38-year life, Honda...
  6. What Is Important to You in a Town Car Redesign?

    Lincoln Discussion
    1) Design a new Lincoln Town Car to effectively compete with the forthcoming Cadillac DT7 (currently the DTS). Cadillac is combining the STS and DTS to be its large rwd luxury sedan. This may mean a high-output V-6 rwd sedan slotted above the forthcoming MKS as Lincoln's new flagship. A longer...