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  1. SPIED! 2017 Mustang Refresh (or new special model?)

    Mustang Discussion
    SOURCE: my thoughts are below We are probably looking at the first glimpse of the refresh. Good timing too with the new Camaro around the corner. The odd exhaust (with the rounded, flared tips) usually indicates emission...
  2. 2015 Lincoln MKS Stealth Refresh

    Lincoln Discussion
    I noticed an unusual looking MKS today. It was Bronze Fire, which meant it had to be a 2015 model. The design on the deck lid has changed, and instead of the Lincoln star appearing as it did on older models, it now has LINCOLN spelled across it like the MKZ, MKC, and Navigator. There is also...
  3. 2015 Focus Electric Refresh?

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Focus Electric Refresh? With the MY2015 Focus ICE refresh due next year, what's to happen with the Focus Electric? Of course, following Ford's global design plan, it will obtain the front and rear lighting updates, and a refreshed grille and interior as well. But the 2015 Focus...
  4. BREAKING: Navigator Refresh SOON!

    Lincoln Discussion
    from the MKN/Navigator thread: ............................. I first tried to post this in the Headline News section and didn't have permissions
  5. 2014 Malibu refresh

    General Motors Discussion
    Link & full press release at Autoblog
  6. 2015 Focus Refresh - UPDATE!

    Ford Car Discussion
    The compact car segment is heating up quickly. Putting lots of pressure on the recently introduced 2012 Ford Focus. 2013 brought a refreshed Civic which maintains a 14k unit lead on the Focus YTD and it growing. Elantra, helped by the new coupe, is only 6k units behind the Focus with a 45%...
  7. Buick Verano Will Get Hybrid Version, Major Refresh in 2015

    Competition News 2012 Buick Verano People are just getting to know the characteristics of the new Buick Verano, which was revealed at this year’s Detroit Auto Show and pack GM’s usual 2.4-liter 177 hp...
  8. 2011 Nissan Rogue Gets Exterior Refresh, Improved Fuel Economy

    Asian Competition
    This is the 2011 Nissan Rogue, refreshed and repackaged with a tiny bit more fuel economy. It will be unveiled officially tomorrow at the International Z Car Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Why there? Nissan believes the Rogue is just like the original*240Z “Z-car” (which has since evolved...
  9. Chrysler to save Sebring convertible after refresh?

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    The future of the Chrysler Sebring has been questionable, with talk of name changes or dropping the model completely, but new sources suggest it will remain. ChryslerSebring - Chrysler - Convertible - Recreation - Autos...
  10. Spy Shots: Ford Mondeo refresh coming into Focus (*ahem*)

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Spy Photos, Sedan, Europe, Paris Motor Show, Ford Ford Mondeo facelift spy shots - Click above for high-res image gallery Earlier this year, we reported that Ford will be giving its European-market Mondeo a slight facelift in order to keep things fresh until the all-new global...
  11. Lincoln MKS already to get refresh

    Mercury Discussion
    From Autoblog: The Lincoln MKS is about a year old, but Ford's luxury division has already been caught testing a slightly refreshed version that may debut for the 2011 model year or shortly thereaftter. The spy shot shows a heavily camouflaged prototype with its front and rear end covered...
  12. MKX Refresh

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Here's a chop I just finished of a new 2010 Lincoln MKX. I used the MKR's grille and created my own headlights. Version 1 has a slightly modified lower grille. Version 2 uses the lower chrome strip from the MKR to accent the lower part of the front end. I couldn't decide which I liked...
  13. Ford Edge refresh (2010 MCE)

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Here's a sketch (well, traced with new front clip and a few other things) of what I'd make the 2010 Edge look like. I tried to keep the overall character of the current model, while making it noticably different. The grille remains largely the same, except for a new small chrome "outline"...
  14. Ford Exlporer Sport Trac To Recieve Mid-Cycle Refresh!

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Good Day All, Fresh out of the gate for Friday come new pics showing a camoflauged Ford Explorer Sport Trac wearing a revised front and rear-end. Here is a link to the pics courtesy of The Winding It looks as Ford is changing out the grille for a more aggressive and in your face...
  15. Ford feels heat to refresh lineup

    Ford Corporate News DEARBORN -- To survive in today's auto industry, you need a steady parade of fresh designs to keep consumers interested. Ford Motor Co. learned that the hard way by allowing initially successful models...