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  1. Ford F.F.T. ReInvents low-volume stamping - Detroit News

    FoMoCo Engineering
    Ford invents new stamping technology - Detroit News Innovation funded by U.S. grant cuts time, cost to craft auto parts Karl Henkel July 3, 2013 Ford Motor Co. says it has used a federal grant to develop a first-of-its-kind stamping technology that will allow it to create low-volume auto parts...
  2. Audi Reinvents the Dealership - Autopia

    Automotive Industry News
    Audi Just Reinvented the Dealership Experience - Autopia Damon Lavrinc July 17, 2012 If there were ever a retail model ripe for disruption, it’s the humble car dealer. And Audi thinks it has the answer with Audi City. The goal is to bring some of the comfort, convenience and customization...
  3. Ferrari re-invents the DOOR

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Thanks to 63Bonneville @ CarSpyShots, I just thought this is neat :) Ferrari's radical new door opening - Friday, November 20, 2009 Ferrari is working on a new kind of door aimed at improving passenger and driver access to its vehicles. The firm has filed a patent application...