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  1. Ford Car Discussion
    In light of the more recent news that GM was putting the Chevy Bolt on the fast-track to production I've been wondering why Ford has been uncharacteristically mum about the subject as of late. The only Ford related news I have heard on this subject was some unsubstantiated rumor (from some...
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    ALL-NEW 2015 EDGE SHOWCASES FORD’S BEST TECHNOLOGY, MORE DRIVER-ASSIST FEATURES, IMPROVED PERFORMANCE, CRAFTSMANSHIP Ford Jun 24, 2014 | Dearborn, Mich. Download 2015 Ford Edge Specs The all-new Ford Edge demonstrates what happens when a proven leader gets even better. The original...
  3. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2015 Ford Edge Concept - Tomorrow's Utility Today Images courtesy of Automotive News. Thanks joseodiaga4 for the new video! :thumb: 2013 L.A. AUTO SHOW In designing the Edge Concept, Ford stylists aimed to maintain the muscularity that made the first Edge popular while embracing new...
  4. Ford Corporate News
    Often times large trucks get a bad rap for destroying the environment, but this time around a Powerstroke-powered F-250 helps save the day and rescue a trapped cub. More...
  5. Mustang Discussion
    2011 Ford Mustang GT - Now With Full Details Thanks to some embargo breaking that's already occurred, we've known for a week that the 2011 Ford Mustang GT would pack a brand new 5.0-liter V8 producing 412 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque. Autoblog Link
  6. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I just got a 2010 Taurus flier in the mail today and it said on the front cover "Available Fall 2009" I guess the Aug date that every one including my dealer stated is off a few months, RATS!!! as I was hoping for late summer. Oh well my wife will just have to wait for her car to come in a few...
  7. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hot Wheels beats Ford to release of 2010 Mustang Found on ebay, a Hotwheels Prototype casting from overseas. I just spotted the 2010 Mustang casting. Ford will not be happy with Mattel. LeeU
  8. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Release Orion Details Ford Release Orion Details The countdown to the all-new Ford Falcon, codenamed Orion, has begun ahead of the crucial new vehicle’s launch in 2008. The countdown to a new 2008 Ford Falcon has begun. Ford will reveal engineering details of the new Falcon in February...
  9. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Tomorrow 09:00 CET , Ford will release pictures and Press release on the new Focus-based SUV crossover vehicle. Stay tuned. Igor
  10. Ford Car Discussion
    2008 FORD FOCUS DELIVERS FRESH DESIGN, BETTER FUEL ECONOMY AND NEW SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY FEATURES Bold New Focus. 2008 Ford Focus brings a bold exterior design, all-new interior and improved driving dynamics to a growing small car market. Refined Interior. Redesigned cabin delivers improved...
  11. European Competition
    All-New Jaguar Concept Car Reveals Dramatic New Design Direction for Future Sport Sedans IRVINE, Calif. January 3, 2007 – The all-new Jaguar C-XF concept car, a stunning four-door sedan that blends dynamic, modern features with classic, heritage cues, will make its debut at the 2007 North...
1-11 of 15 Results