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  1. Just released brand new Spyder LED tail lights for your Ford F-150
    Spyder manufacturing company as usual keep going strong. These guys know the real importance of the automotive lighting. As you probably already know, the Spyder manufacturing company offers a good lineup of tail lights in different colors and shapes. A few days ago, the manufacturer finally...
  2. 2015 Ford Mustang Fuel Economy Figures Released

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Ford Mustang Fuel Economy Figures Released Autoevolution Ever since the sixth generation of the iconic pony car debuted in December, 2013, fans of the Ford Mustang were served with tiny bits of information about their wish list ride. We know how much oomph it packs, we know there's a...
  3. Ford Transit Fuel Economy and Power Officially Released

    FIN Headline News
    Still Awaiting Diesel Fuel Economy Ford Inside News June 4, 2014 By: Austin Rutherford The All-New Transit is about to make its North American debut at Ford dealers after production began last month. Ford had been keeping a tight lip on the utility van's fuel economy and power figures, but...
  4. 2014 Ford Fiesta Released

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Grafts an Aston Martin-esque Front Grille to 2013 Fiesta Facelift SEPTEMBER 04, 2012 Carscoop With several European carmakers having presented new offerings in the supermini segment such as the Renault Clio and the Peugeot 208, Ford decided it was time for a styling refresh for its sixth...
  5. 2013 Mustang Prices released

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Base V6 = $22,200 Boss = $42,995 GT500 = $54,995 You can build and price one too.
  6. 2015 Volvo sketches released ALREADY - WCF, Autoweek.NL

    European Competition
    via CarSpyShots 2015 Volvo XC90 sketches officially released - WorldCarFans Volvo has taken the unusual step of prematurely revealing the design for the next generation Volvo XC90 crossover with the release of these 4 sketches. This is a model that is still a full 3 model years away from...
  7. Volkswagen Up! Released Schedule Leaked; Official Debut in August

    Competition News
    Volkswagen Up! Released Schedule Leaked; Official Debut in August By Harry Lay July 19 2011 AutoGuide Important dates for the release of the Volkswagen Up! models have been leaked. The highly anticipated city vehicle will have its world premiere on August 22 in Paris. Following the premiere...
  8. New 2012 Opel Zafira official pictures released

    General Motors Discussion
  9. 2011 Ford Territory teaser released

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2011 Ford Territory first official image By Tim Beissmann December 14th, 2010 The sketch reveals the new vehicle will adopt Ford’s global kinetic design language, emphasised by the large lower air intake, thin horizontal grille and sharp, sweeping headlights already seen on...
  10. 2011 Nissan Juke Engine Output, Fuel Economy, Pricing Released

    Ford Corporate News
    Nissan’s new entry into the small-crossover segment, the 2011 Juke, marks the U.S. debut of the company’s small turbocharged engine. Filling in the blanks from our first drive of the funky little thing, Nissan has released more information on the Juke’s powertrain and equipment levels. There are...
  11. BMW Alpina B5 F10 Bi-Turbo teaser released

    Asian Competition
    Check out the early image and first details of the 2011 Alpina B5 inside. More...
  12. 2011 Super Duty Pics released before full reveal later today

    Ford Truck Discussion
  13. 6.7 Mascot released!

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  14. Skoda Yeti released.

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  15. Lincoln TV Spots Released

    Lincoln Discussion "EFFECTS" 2009 Lincoln MKS (30 seconds) TV Ads and Documentaries Select a thumbnail above to view the latest Lincoln TV Ads and Documentaries.
  16. Leftlane News: ZR-1 Details Released

    General Motors Discussion
    Leftlane News: ZR-1 Details Released San Diego, Ca. If any one car junkie was in denial that the there is a piston WW III underway, with Fatwas and crusades everywhere, here is living proof. The Mushroom cloud from the GT-R is still raining radiation on us, and Chevy has just dropped its...