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  1. Japanese Brand Dominance Ends in 2013 Consumer Reports Reliability Study

    Asian Competition
    For more information on the latest Consumer Reports Reliability Study visit
  2. TrueDelta - updated car reliability stats

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I wanted more up-to-date car reliability information that made the differences between cars clearer. So a few years ago I started getting people together to make this possible. TrueDelta now updates actual repair frequencies, not just dots, four times a year, to track cars closely as they age...
  3. Ford Reliability: Is Quality Still ‘Job 1?’

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Reliability: Is Quality Still ‘Job 1?’ Six of the Top 10 Least Reliable Cars and Trucks on the road are Ford products. At least, that’s according to data provided by Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization that tests everything from toasters to homeowner’s...
  4. Ford tumbles to second worst in Consumer Reports reliability survey

    Ford Corporate News
    By Jeffrey N. Ross Oct 29th 2012 3:59PM Autoblog It's no secret that MyFord Touch has had its share of problems since being introduced, but the most recent reliability survey from Consumer Reports shows just how much this infotainment system has affected Ford. Just two years ago, the automaker...
  5. Honda, Toyota lead reliability survey; Ford tops domestics

    Automotive Industry News
    Honda, Toyota lead reliability survey; Ford tops domestics GM makes notable gains as Chrysler lags Automotive News David Phillips October 26, 2010 - 2:00 pm ET DETROIT -- Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. dominate the list of most reliable 2011 models based on a survey by Consumer...
  6. Ford Galaxy & S-MAX: No. 1 for reliability

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Cologne, December 17, 2008 – Ford of Europe's latest generation of Multi-Activity Vehicles have convinced the German vehicle testing agency DEKRA e.V. In DEKRA's latest 'Failure Report 2009', the Ford Galaxy and S-MAX models not only prove their reliability by winning in their group with up to...
  7. Ford's Challenge: Long Term Reliability

    Ford Corporate News
    RICHARD TRUETT Ford's challenge: Long-term reliability Initial quality is good, but then come the repairs Richard Truett Automotive News | May 12, 2008 - 12:01 am EST It seems like a lifetime ago. But for the first 12 of my 20 years as an automotive journalist, I handed out consumer...
  8. Releases Quarterly Reliability Results

    Ford Motor Company Discussion Releases Quarterly Reliability Results West Bloomfield, MI (PRWEB) February 21, 2008 --, the automotive website that provides fast, accurate vehicle reliability, pricing, and fuel economy information, has announced the latest results of its Vehicle Reliability...
  9. True Vehicle Reliability Study

    Ford Motor Company Discussion These are results from TrueDelta's Vehicle Reliability Survey (description of the research process). At this early stage, sample sizes and the number of models are small. So only one stat is provided, Times in the Shop, the average number...
  10. Mazda Claims Top Spot in Recent Reliability Report

    Mazda Discussion
    IRVINE, Calif., February 20, 2007 – Mazda vehicles have claimed the top place in one of the world’s largest- ever reports on vehicle reliability. Nearly 92 percent of the Mazda cars studied, including the MX-5 Miata, aged between three and nine years old, suffered no mechanical failure of any...
  11. Customers Cheated by Honda for Reliability Warranties

    Asian Competition
    Odo Uh-Oh: Honda extending warranties on 6 million cars Posted Feb 19th 2007 12:25PM by John Neff Filed under: Government/Legal, Honda Honda has decided to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleges its odometers were racking up miles too fast. The automaker says odometers on some 6 million...