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  1. Are Turbocharged Engines Reliable?

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  2. Are Hybrids Reliable?

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  3. Top 10 Least Reliable Cars of 2014

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  4. Ford Argentina Wins Most Reliable Automaker Award

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    Ford is the Most Reliable Automaker According to Selecciones, Reader`s Digest Magazine BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Ford Argentina was awarded the first place of the 2014 Most Trusted Brands ranking in the category of vehicles and pick-ups companies, carried out by Selecciones, Reader's Digest...
  5. Consumer Reports: Ford most reliable American automaker

    Ford Corporate News
    Most reliable cars Consumer Reports Ford continues to be the most reliable American automaker. Ninety percent of Fords, including Lincoln models, have at least average reliability. Ford's quality renaissance has been led by the midsized Fusion, which has been very reliable since its debut...
  6. Mercury Most Reliable American Brand? Second only to Lexus

    Mercury Discussion
    By The Associated Press Japan's Toyota Motor (TM, news, msgs) won top honors in eight categories of a closely watched vehicle dependability study, more than any other company, while mainstream brands closed in on luxury nameplates, J.D. Power and Associates said. Lexus, Toyota's luxury brand...