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  1. OMG 2b2 drove an MKZ!! - Hot August Nights, Reno

    Member Auto Reviews
    YAY! I finally get to do a review and this year's Reno Hot August Nights** drive events provided many more cars than I'll be able to write about. (** many vintage/collectors' "Show & Shines" displays/contests plus parades & drag racing And starting this year: Barrett-Jackson Auctions!) Both...
  2. "Hot August Nights" ...Reno, NV

    The Lounge
    This ^ is a BIG National event for car lovers, especially classic & custom car lovers** just on my way home today I saw - several hotrods (real ones) - an antique bright-yellow truck of some kind in my rearview mirror - an impressive! 1950ish Cadillac (RED) driving along beside me & going the...