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  1. Ford Replacing Classic Police Cruiser With an S.U.V.

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford offers a Police Interceptor utility vehicle to complement its Taurus-based police cruiser. More...
  2. Canadian PS replacing fleet with TCs

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Ford announced that it has secured a crucial contract with the Canada Post that will replace its aging fleet of postal service delivery vehicles. Ford won the contract after an open request for proposal process. The United States Postal Service operates the largest civilian vehicle fleet in...
  3. new V30 replacing S40+V50 next year?

    European Competition
    The Volvo V30 will arrive in 2010 - photocredit: (text in Greek) Despite previous reports claiming the global downturn has caused Volvo to nix future variants of the C30, the Swedish carmaker is now rumored to be working on a new crossover variant of the...