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    Ford announced today it is returning to one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world with its new Ford GT race car, based on the all-new ultra-high-performance supercar that goes on sale next year. The Ford GT race car will compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans – referred to by many...
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    The Volkswagen Phaeton is Returning to the US. Why? - AutoSavant By Chris Haak 19 August 2010 From the day the flagship Volkswagen Phaeton launched in the US, analysts and customers questioned the wisdom of... ...selling a few Phaetons to executives who didn’t want the glamour and glitz of a...
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    FORD BRINGING BACK ICONIC 5.0 BADGE ON THE 2011 MUSTANG? NEW EVIDENCE UNCOVERED - PART NUMBER FOR NEW 5.0 BADGE FOUND ALONG SIDE SAME INFO FOR NEW 3.7 LITRE I want to kick this off with a notice. This report is based on speculation. Reported today on, is the continuing rumor...