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  1. Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln May Revive Classic Nameplates, But Only For China BY Antony Ingram ANTONY INGRAM Jim Farley, Ford's executive vice president in charge of global marketing, says that there are no imminent plans to bring back proper names--though he notes the brand has plenty of "iconic" names in its...
  2. Lincoln Discussion
    By Dan Carney, NBC News contributor Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand will make its first foray into the compact segment when it introduces a small car this fall, probably at the Los Angeles auto show in November. To the degree that Lincoln is famous, it is for its enormous slab-sided Continental of...
  3. Asian Competition
    SOUTH KOREA: Unions back plans to revive Ssangyong Unions have reached agreement with the Ssangyong management over wage levels for this year in an effort to revive the ailing company. The decision is part of the annual collective bargaining agreement on the wage and working conditions of...
  4. Mercury Discussion
    Ford May Scrap Mercury Rather than Revive It Ford Motor might decide to scrap its Mercury brand rather than spend money trying to revive it, the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site on Monday. Last week Jerome York, a former auto executive and advisor to billionaire investor Kirk...
  5. Ford Car Discussion
    Ford Focus RS Club There are murmurs emanating from Europe that the hugely positive response to the Ford Focus ST may give the blue oval an excuse to revive its Focus RS model.
1-5 of 5 Results