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  1. planning to buy new rims, need suggestions

    Wheels & Tires
    Any suggestions on some good looking wheels that I could get for my '11 F150 4wd? Having so many wheel options just like on this catalog--, I'm having a hard time to choose. I like the look of XD, Rockstar and Black Rock rims. What do you guys have? Post...
  2. Who wants new rims? Now, who wants new rims for FREE?!
    The summer season is at its height and it’s high time for another Free Wheels Giveaway! Through July 31, 2012 enter the Summer Plus Giveaway for your chance to win your choice of wheels from worth up to $1000. How you can enter? Simply join our Circle on Google+ and in about three...
  3. Video: Camaro with Rims

    General Motors Discussion
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