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  1. All-Aluminum Ford F-150 Aces Safety Tests – Leaves Rivals Trailing

    Ford Brand News - Global
    All-Aluminum Ford F-150 Aces Safety Tests – Leaves Rivals Trailing One of the less talked about advantage of Ford’s switch from steel to (mostly) aluminum construction (of the passenger cell and body) apparently is safety. In recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tests...
  2. Ford comes from behind in China to stun Japanese rivals

    Asian Competition
    BEIJING, Oct 8 (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co is poised to overtake its Japanese rivals on the top seller's list in China as Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co struggle to regain market share following a flare up in anti-Japanese sentiment a year ago. For much of the past decade, the Dearborn...
  3. Ford Territory Diesel v Rivals

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Territory Diesel v Rivals Bruce Newton May 14, 2011 Drive Can a diesel engine tow Ford's Territory back to the top of the medium SUV segment? Bruce Newton reports. Plenty is riding on the success of Ford's diesel-powered Territory, which has finally arrived after several false starts and...
  4. Ford offers lessons to more than industry rivals From The Detroit News: http://www.d

    Ford Corporate News
    Drive along Michigan Avenue in Dearborn and you can’t miss the telltale signs of decline: One empty storefront after another sits alongside an undercapitalized new venture here and a wheezing business there. The vibrant restaurant scene of the early decade is gone, a victim of cutbacks at Ford...
  5. Ford Says It Will Seek UAW Givebacks to Match Rivals

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Says It Will Seek UAW Givebacks to Match Rivals Bloomberg By Keith Naughton - Sep 29, 2010 10:08 AM ET Ford Motor Co. will seek concessions from the United Auto Workers in negotiations next year to match deals the union gave U.S. rivals General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC, an...
  6. Lincoln to ax 200 metro stores Survivors must upgrade to match premium rivals

    Lincoln Brand News
    Ford Americas boss Mark Fields: Lincoln will get seven new or “significantly refreshed” vehicles in the next four years. In an attempt to inject more luxury into its last remaining premium brand, Ford Motor Co. wants to cut at least 200 Lincoln franchises, or 40 percent of its dealers in major...
  7. Autonews: Ford stance: A cut above ailing rivals

    Ford Corporate News Ford stance: A cut above ailing rivals AMY WILSON AUTOMOTIVE NEWS DECEMBER 8, 2008 - 12:01 AM ET DETROIT — Here's a big challenge for Ford Motor Co. as it seeks federal aid: Avoid the stench of death that surrounds crosstown rivals General Motors and Chrysler LLC. Ford is...
  8. Toyota roots for Detroit Three rivals

    Ford Corporate News
    TRAVERSE CITY -- A senior Toyota Motor Corp. executive told The Detroit News today that the failure of one of Detroit's Big Three automakers would be devastating for his company. "We want everyone to succeed," said Steve St. Angelo, head of Toyota's Kentucky assembly plant and senior vice...
  9. Saturn Vue XR bests its rivals in performance and amenities

    General Motors Discussion
  10. Detroit Free Press: Ford Edge crossover gaining on its rivals

    Ford Car Discussion
    Ford Edge crossover gaining on its rivals Vehicle third in sales after just four months April 9, 2007 BY SARAH A. WEBSTER FREE PRESS BUSINESS WRITER Ask any car salespeople and they will tell you: Teachers are some of their toughest customers. They tend to study the price of vehicles as...