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  1. BMW go back to the roots

    European Competition
    Here the new BMW concept: The front end payid homenage to the BMWs from the past: Some BMW heritage details: 4 round headligths,twin Kidney shaped grille, leaning forward front end, lateral vents The Bangle era is over! Thanks God!.. This concept is very interesting... here the link...
  2. GM: Return to Small Truck Roots

    General Motors Discussion
    Sources: GM Working on Return to Small Truck Roots - Posted by Mike Levine | May 26, 2010 While other manufacturers have announced plans to completely abandon the slow-selling midsize pickup segment, General Motors apparently thinks there's still life and new opportunity to be...
  3. Toyota roots for Detroit Three rivals

    Ford Corporate News
    TRAVERSE CITY -- A senior Toyota Motor Corp. executive told The Detroit News today that the failure of one of Detroit's Big Three automakers would be devastating for his company. "We want everyone to succeed," said Steve St. Angelo, head of Toyota's Kentucky assembly plant and senior vice...