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  1. F-100 Rumormill (nothing official, please)

    Ford Truck Discussion
    F100 given the green light again - Mackintire @ BON photocredit: (part 1) At first I chocked this up as a a pipe dream, but the chips are starting to fall in place and I am beginning to believe it. Giving a little more credit to this is the fact that I have recently visited 5...
  2. Rumormill: Lincoln considering performance line

    Lincoln Brand News
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  3. Rumormill: Ford Falcon to get blown 5.0-liter Coyote

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Filed under: Performance, Ford, Rumormill Ford FG Falcon XR Series - Click above for high-res image gallery Back before Ford announced it was producing a new aluminum block version of its supercharged 5.4-liter V8 for the 2011 GT500, speculation ran rampant that the new 5.0-liter Coyote V8...
  4. Rumormill: Ford's Power Stroke diesel getting power increase to beat GM Duramax

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: Volatile gas prices and increasingly stiff emissions standards were supposed to kill the auto industry's horsepower wars, or so we thought feared. Recent news out of...
  5. Rumormill: Ford Taurus X To Be Cancelled After 2009 Model Year

    Ford Car Discussion
    RUMORED: FORD TAURUS X TO BE CANCELLED AFTER 2009 MODEL YEAR Jalopnik Auto Insider has dug through its rumor mill and consulted with the stars. The result, they are declaring that the Ford Taurus X will be cancelled after the 2009 Model Year. Whether this is of little concern or a sign of the...
  6. Enter the rumormill: Ford Fusion hybrid coming to LA?

    Ford Corporate News Jalopnik got the skinny from a Ford Motor Company snitch they've dubbed "Electric Throat" (ahem), who says that a hybrid Fusion will be launched in concept form at either the Los Angeles Auto Show this...