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  1. Mercury Sable SHO Wagon

    Mercury Discussion
    I have seen several SHObles on the Taurus club all were done by fans never one done by a Ford Engineer. This looks awesome and I would love to rock this!
  2. Looking back: 1987 Mercury Sable Promo

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  3. Sable Production ends

    Mercury Discussion
    based on the old press release by ford; today is the day production ends on Sable. sad to see it go. There has been no Sable in any of the LM dealerships in Miami since last year. wonder who is getting the last one? MercurySable08, are you ok today? I wish someone could take a pic of the last...
  4. My 1999 Mercury Sable LS

    Member's Driveway
    This is my car, I have had it now for 2 years now. It is still my first car, I got it from my parents and has held together quite well over the years. Issues: Power Steering nightmare when all I needed was the lines to be bled out resulted in the Ford dealer replacing the whole rack on the car...
  5. The Grim Reaper Comes For D3 Platform - Taurus X and Sable To Be Discontinued

    Ford Corporate News
    GRIM REAPER COMES CALLING FOR FORD'S D3 PLATFORM Ford Taurus X and Mercury Sable To Be Discontinued As the American Auto Industry struggles to stay alive, some will get left by the wayside. The first two big casualties from Ford Motor Company have just been announced. Ford has officially...
  6. Autonews confirms what we all knew. Sable is history as of April.

    Mercury Discussion
    We knew about the Taurus X, and now . . . ******************************** Ford to kill Taurus X, Mercury Sable AMY WILSON AUTOMOTIVE NEWS DECEMBER 4, 2008 - 4:40 PM ET Ford Motor Co. has notified dealers to ready their final orders for the two vehicles before production ends in the...
  7. My Parents '08 Mercury Sable Base.

    Member's Driveway
    Here are a few pix of the exterior. Such a great looking car!
  8. My Parents '95 Mercury Sable LS

    Member's Driveway
    Here are just a few pix of the exterior. I will always love that lightbar!
  9. Mercury Sable and Ford Taurus X fading into the sunset next year?

    Mercury Discussion
    Courtesy of I would certainly hate to see the Mercury Sable get the axe again. But if Ford/Mercury does decide to axe the Sable, does anyone agree with me when I say that the next generation Milan...
  10. Mercury Sable review&'Ode' - Warren Brown, WashingtonPost

    Mercury Discussion
    thanks (again) to sternravnik @ GMI WashingtonPost - ON WHEELS: 2008 Mercury Sable Premier By Warren Brown - Sunday, June 8, 2008; Page G01 < photo "...a big automobile, ministerial in demeanor, fitting for formal ceremonies. Such cars do not inspire. But neither do they...
  11. Superman Sable

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    New Superman Sable! We're pretty excited about the upcoming Ford Taurus, which you can probably tell by the innumerable of threads we've posted about it. Most have been renderings of the car, and most recently what we believe it’s the actual car may look like. We happen to have lots of...
  12. 2009 Mercury Sable X

    Mercury Discussion
    2009 Mercury SABLE X Confidential sources have confirmed the existence of several Mercury versions of the new Taurus X being tested as you read this. This new Mercury CUV would be in dealers ASAP. This is not much of a secret for anyone living in the Detroit Area, since Ford is hardly doing...
  13. 2008 Mercury Sable

    Mercury Discussion
    MERCURY SABLE RETURNS TO SHOWROOMS WITH MORE POWER, STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION Modern Design. Unique features inside and out set the 2008 Mercury Sable apart in the marketplace. Modern Interior. Modern, refined interior touches include unique trim options and two-tone seating surfaces with...
  14. Taurus, Taurus X and Sable [VIDEO]

    Ford Car Discussion
    Video from the 2007 Chicago Autoshow <OBJECT height=350 width=425> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></OBJECT></P> Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for...
  15. 2008 Sable Site Up

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