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  1. Ford Escape Earns 5-stars, Tops Toyota And Honda Combined Safety And Fuel Efficiency

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    FORD ESCAPE EARNS 5-STARS, TOPS TOYOTA AND HONDA COMBINED SAFETY AND FUEL EFFICIENCY RATINGS 2009 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner earn government's top 5-star ratings for front- and side-impact tests - adding to Ford's leading number of five-star vehicles. This fall, Escape and Mariner...
  2. Ford Flex Hits Safety Pinnacle With 5-star Ratings

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    FORD FLEX HITS SAFETY PINNACLE WITH 5-STAR RATINGS Flex, which went on sale this summer, has a full array of standard safety equipment. Flex earns U.S. government's top 5-star crash ratings for all four front- and side-impact tests - adding to Ford's leading number of 5-star vehicles. The...
  3. Media Ford: 2009 Ford Explorer adds Trailer Sway Control to list of safety features.

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    Here is what was said, courtesy of LINK:
  4. IIHS Top Safety Picks 2008

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    11 NEW WINNERS FOR 2008 Midsize cars Audi A3 Honda Accord Small car Subaru Impreza equipped with optional electronic stability control Minivan Honda Odyssey Midsize SUVs BMW X3 BMW X5 Hyundai Veracruz built after August 2007 Saturn VUE built after December 2007 Toyota Highlander...
  5. PReVENT: Intelligent Active Safety System

    Ford Corporate News
    PReVENT: Intelligent Active Safety System AACHEN/VERSAILLES, September 18 2007 – Ford's European Research Centre based in Aachen, Germany, today presented its results for PReVENT, a joint research project co-funded by the EU Commission for improved road safety by means of innovative active...
  6. 2008 Ford Taurus X Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick

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    2008 Ford Taurus XDEARBORN, June 25, 2007 -- The 2008 Ford Taurus X crossover will arrive in showrooms this summer bearing both a Top Safety Pick rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the government’s highest available five-star rash test ratings. The IIHS' "Top Safety...
  7. Ford Taurus safety ads set to go live

    Ford Car Discussion click above image to view both versions of Ford's new ads for the 2008 Taurus While Ford seemingly let its large front-wheel-drive sedan languish in obscurity when it was called the Five-Hundred, it doesn't intend to...
  8. Freep: Safety F150 Vs. 2007 Tundra

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    Crash worthy: Ford takes on Toyota Bryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News Ford Motor Co. will push the envelope a little further tonight with a new television commercial that shows an actual crash test of one of its pickups. The new spot is the latest in a series of ads for the F-150 featuring...